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Anaesthesia & Critical Care

Anaesthesia & Critical Care

Department of Anaesthesia at Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences provides perioperative anaesthesia care for surgical and interventional procedures in the setting of operation theatres as well as outside as for day care endoscopy and radiological procedures. The department also is actively involved in postoperative care of high risk surgical patients admitted to surgical and transplant intensive care units and also provides round the clock acute pain services for management of postoperative pain for patients discharged to surgical wards after their surgery. The department of anaesthesia besides the clinical services is also engaged in research activities and has an active teaching program under which students are admitted to MCI recognised post doctoral courses including DM and PDCC in Transplant anaesthesia and critical care. The Department takes pride in its alumni all of which have been occupying positions of repute all over the world. The department since last 5 years have been successfully conducting a one day symposium for clinicians involved in conduct of anaesthesia and perioperative critical care for solid organ transplant recipients by the name of TRANCRIT which has become a much awaited event of the speciality.

Services Rendered

Services 2017 2018
Liver Transplant 86 100
Kidney Transplant 37 30
GI and Urology Surgeries besides Transplant 916 1100
Endoscopy Procedure 26420 9737
Radiology Suite Procedures 915 1035
Liver Coma ICU 899 1160
HDU 1472 1783
Liver Transplant ICU 191 176
Surgical ICU 853 696

Educational Activities

  • 7th Transplant Anaesthesia and Critical Care Symposium, TRANCRIT 2018,Date: 13th May 2018 
  • Cardiac lung ultrasound and advanced hemodynamics workshop on 15th and 16th December

Courses Offered

Name of the course Candidates

DM in Organ Transplant Anaesthesia and Critical Care

Dr. Amal Francis Sam

Dr. Karthik Ponappan

PDCC Liver transplant Anaesthesia and Critical Car PDCC Critical Care (Liver ICU)

Dr Megha Kohli

Dr Rishab Jaju

Dr Shankey Garg

Dr Udit Dhingra

Dr Harshita Singh

Dr. Tanvi Meshram

Dr. Ganesh Nimje

PDCC Critical Care (Liver ICU)

Dr Shailesh

Dr Sudhir

Dr Shilpa

Department's Achievements

  • The department successfully conducted 6th Edition of TRANCRIT 2017.
  • Third candidate of DM Organ Transplant Anaesthesia and Critical Care successfully completed the course.
  • The students who successfully completed the academic programs from the Department of Anaesthesia have been recruited to various centers of the repute of the world.


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