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Clinical Virology Laboratory at the Institute provides a full range of diagnostic services for the detection and monitoring of viral illnesses in both the adult and pediatric patient. Most of the functioning of the department has been automated to an extent, in keeping with international standards. The laboratory performs diagnostic services for the detection and monitoring of viral diseases for the full range of Hepatitis viruses (Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E). The laboratory is fully equipped to diagnose and monitor all most all the viruses causing infections in transplant recipients and other immune compromised patients. A BSL level grade 2/3 molecular diagnostic facility is available in the molecular set up. Viral genotyping is routinely being done. Multiplex Real time PCRs is the strength of the laboratory including Respiratory viral PCR for 33 different pathogens together. The laboratory takes pride in performing several diagnostic assays for the first time in the country, like testing for drug resistant substitutions in HCV (RAS) , antiviral drug resistance testing in HBV; HBs Ag quantification in clinical samples ; testing for Occult HBV infection and ccc DNA in biopsy samples; screening for various mutations in HBV like Pre-core, Basal core promoter mutations; HEV RNA Quantification and genotyping; EBV and CMV Quantification in tissue biopsy samples. Furthermore, the laboratory is actively involved in the investigation of any outbreak that grips the city like recent Influenza, Dengue and Chikungunya outbreaks in the capital. Recently, point of care of Molecular diagnostics was started in the laboratory in assays like HCV RNA, H1NI and HIV viral load testing. Microarray platform for syndromic viral infection testing is also available in the laboratory. Virology laboratory takes pride in being made as one of the testing laboratories by Central Drugs Standard Control Organization for the validation of Hepatitis diagnostic kits. Virology laboratory at ILBS is also nominated by ICMR as one of the Apex Viral Hepatitis laboratories in the country to look after external quality assurance (EQAS) in various Virology labs across the Nation. The lab has been active in initiating teaching modules and programs in clinical virology. NABL accreditation was awarded to the lab in 2013 and is the one of the very few NABL accredited molecular virology lab in India. The Molecular Lab participates in EQAS by Royal College of Pathology, Australia. The Virology Lab has made an exhaustive protocol for Needle Stick Injuries, post exposure prophylaxis for healthcare professionals at ILBS and also keep a track of the HBV immunization status of the entire ILBS staff. The laboratory also supervises the unique Needle stick injury control programme through our website: The ILBS NSI – website aims to provide platform for a centralized registry for needle stick injuries. The vision of ILBS is not only to create an institutional database on needle stick/ sharps injuries but to expand it as a statewide and thereafter national NSI Registry. A unique PDCC course in Hepatovirology has been introduced from August 2014 to train young budding microbiologists in this field. As a part of World Health Organization collaborative Center (WHO-CC) in Viral Hepatitis, Virology laboratory is actively involved in imparting capacity building training to Microbiologists and other laboratory staff across the Nation.

Services Rendered

  • Hepatotropic viruses(HBV, HCV, HAV,HEV and HDV)
  • Transplant related Herpes group (HCMV, EBV, HSV 1&2 and VZV)
  • Human Immunodeficiency Viruses 1&2 (HIV 1&2)
  • Dengue virus
  • Vector borne viruses: Dengue, Chickungunya. 
  • Special serological(quantification) assays – HBsAg quantification
Molecular Virology
  • Hepatotropic viruses(HBV, HCV, HAV and HEV) by real-time PCR
  • HBV and HCV genotyping and HBV mutation screen (Precore and Basal Core Promotor mutations).
  • Transplant related viruses (HCMV, EBV, HSV 1&2 ,VZV,BK)
  • HBV drug resistance testing by sequencing 
  • Occult HBV testing by sequencing
  • Real time PCR for HBV - ccc DNA in clinical samples.
  • Real time PCR for dengue typing.
  • Microarray based testing for Viral syndromes.
Needle Stick injury protocol
  • Post-exposure testing and counseling.
HBV vaccination and anti-HBs (titer determination)
  • HBV vaccination at recruitment
  • Determination of anti-HBs (titers) post vaccination


Investigations 2016 2017
HBV 19490 21154
HCV 8706 10221
HEV & HAV 3391 3831
CMV 2498 2328
HIV1&2 3894 4125
Dengue Virus 572 413
Chikungunya 98 22
Special Serology (HBsAg Quantication) 1900 1910
HDV 58 61
EBV , HSV , VZV  180 193
Molecular Assays    
HBV DNA Quantitative (Real Time PCR) 2956 2880
HCV RNA Quantitative (Real Time PCR) 3192 2254
HAV and HEV RNA Quantitative (Real Time PCR) 141 144
Transplant Related Viruses DNA Quantitative (CMV, EBV, HSV
1and2 and VZV)
900 803
Genotyping HBV & HCV 500 397
HBV drug resistance testing 15 08
HIV Viral load - 01
H1N1(Swine Flu) Qualitative - 110
Rapid HCV RNA Quantitative - 18
Adeno CMV EBV PCR   06
Staff Anti-HBs(titer) 174 323
Pre Employment Health Checkups    
HBsAg 123 148
Anti-HBs(titer) 123 148
Anti HCV 123 148
Services Added    
Tests done in Free Health camps-2017    
HBsAg 552 237
Anti-HCV 552 237
Total 50671 52308

New Services & Facilities

  • HIV 1 Viral load testing
  • Rapid HCV RNA Quantitative PCR by GeneXpert
  • H1N1 Qualitative PCR
  • Adeno CMV EBV multiplex PCR 

Educational Activities

As a part of capacity building and laboratory network strengthening, Virology laboratory imparts regularly training to various levels of laboratory professionals on Viral Hepatitis testing. The Department organizes regularly one day hands-on technician training programme. This involves series of lectures on various aspects of Viral Hepatitis testing, hands on training in various laboratory techniques and group discussions. Till now more than 80 laboratory technicians from Delhi state AIDS control society have been trained by the Department

Organized a lunch symposium on “Approach to Syndromic testing in viral infections” on 24th August.

Representation of the Department by the Residents at various National Conferences:-

Mousumi Paul, Oral presentation:- Secured third position in oral presentation in the topic “Increasing prevalence of Pre-core and Basal core promoter mutations seen in hepatitis B e antigen positive patients with chronic hepatitis B infection” in the National Virology conference conducted by CMC Vellore, July 2017

Ayushi Tayal was awarded Dr Ashok Chakravarti memorial award in poster competition on “ Molecular characterisation of Chikungunya virus strains isolated from 2016 Delhi outbreak revealed emergence of a novel mutation in E1 gene.” In the IAMM DC Annual conference ,Dec 2017.

Pradheer Gupta, Akshay Batra,Manish Chaudhary Guresh kumar, Meenu Bajpai,Ekta Gupta. “ Platelets as an extrahepatic reservoir of HCV-RNA : A prospective study.” Poster presentation in National virology conference, CMC Vellore , July 2017. Awarded 3rd prize.

Sujata lall, Pragya ranjan, Guresh kumar, Ekta Gupta. Quantitative IgM core antibody could be a reliable marker in differentiation of acute hepatitis B (AHB) from chronic hepatitis B with acute exacerbations (CHB-AE). Poster presentation in National virology conference, CMC Vellore , July 2017

Sujata lall, Pragya ranjan, Guresh kumar, Ekta Gupta .Poster presentation-Assessment Of Serological Assays For Solving the Dilemma Between Acute Hepatitis (AHB) And Chronic Hepatitis B with Acute Exacerbation (CHB-AE) in CIDSCON 2017 at Nagpur.

Ayushi tayal, Supriyamahajan, Priyanka jain, Ekta Gupta*. Prevalence and outcome of Herpes Virus infections in solid organ transplant recipients: A report from tertiary care transplant centre. Oral presentation at National Conference of Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists (MICROCON 2017) held at RIMS, Ranchi on 25th November 2017.

Supriya Mahajan, VijetaBajpai, Priyanka Pandey, Sonam Makhija, Ekta Gupta*. Distribution and prevalence of Hepatitis B virus genotypes in hepatitis B infected patients and their role in disease severity. Oral presentation in National conference of Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists (MICROCON 2017) held at RIMS, Ranchi on 25th November, 2017.

Courses Offered

Name of the course Number of Candidates
admitted (Year 2015)
Number of Candidates
Passed Out (Year 2015)
PDCC course in hepato-virology 03 02

Short Term Training

Name of the course Details of Candidates
Short Term Training in Clinical Virology Sonam Makhija, Amity University

Visiting faculty

Name Institution/strong> Date of Visit
Dr. Priya abraham CMC, Vellore 19.06.2017
Dr. Bharti Malhotra SMS, Jaipur 19.06.2017
Dr. Nidhi Prasad IGIMS, Patna 01.11.17 to 11.11.2017
Dr. Abhay IGIMS, Patna 15.10.17
Dr Anita Chakravarti MAMC,Delhi 16.12.17
Dr Renu Gupta IHBAS,Delhi 16.12.17
Dr Manoj Kumar Scientist, NIB
Dr Manjula Kiran Scientist, NIB


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