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The Hematology and Clinical Pathology Laboratory of ILBS is a holistic unit which caters to patient care, laboratory services and clinical research. It represents a unique amalgamation of laboratory and consultative hematology dedicated to clinical as well as diagnostic aspects of patient well being. The NABL accreditated lab is well equipped with advanced automated technology for carrying out hematological investigations besides providing consultative services in the diagnosis of hematological diseases and disorders.

Services Rendered

The laboratory has high-ended fully automated cell counters like Beckman Coulter LH-750, Beckman Coulter HMX and Horiba ABX Pentra Dx-120.

Hemolytic anemia and hemoglobinopathy diagnosis
The lab also provides a complete range of hemolytic bench tests and is equipped with the latest Bio-Rad Variant II testing system for hemoglobinopathy and thalassemia diagnosis.

The Coagulation lab which is the hub of activity in liver disease uses global coagulation assay (Sonoclot and platelet function analyser) besides fully automated (SysmexCA1500 and Diagnostica Stago) coagulometers for coagulation testing.

The lab is actively engaged in research work pertaining to diagnosis and management of hepatic coagulopathies.

BM examination
BM aspirate, biopsy, histochemistry and IHCs Platelet testing:Platelet count, platelet function assessment by Sonoclot and anti-platelet antibody screening by ELISA.

Clinical Pathology
Body fluuid total and differential counts analysis, bence jones proteins, urine analysis for reducing sugars, urine routine and microscopic testing.


Name of the Investigation 2015 2016
Hematology routine    
Absolute counts 209 181
Complete blood counts 48883 53860
Complete Hemogam 8349 9879
ESR 263 343
Hb/PCV 7787 6153
RBC indices 02 00
Malaria Antigen 420 381
Platelet count 912 619
TLC and DLC 1875 1237
Peripheral smear examination 1197 723
Hemolytic work-up    
G6PD deficiency test 296 414
Hb HPLC 128 129
PNH test 18 12
Reticulocyte Count 2,652 2427
Bone marrow evaluation    
Bone marrow aspiration procedure and reporting 293 265
Bone marrow biopsy procedure and reporting 271 245
Iron stain 293 265
Regenerative therapy evaluation 55 55
Coagulation lab services    
Prothrombin time 36952 42391
Activated partial thromboplastin time 3,365   3430  
von Willebrand Antigen 03 03
Sonoclot assay 281 145
Fibrinogen assay 1425 1749
Protein C 132 150
Protein S 126 153
Antithrombin III 107 123
Fibrin degradation products 115 67
D-dimer 176 103
Factor VIII assay 136 138
Bleeding time 16 12
Clotting time 14 09
Clinical Pathology    
Urine routine and microscopy 9,831 10817
Urine for reducing substance 200 148
Urine for ketones 213 162
Urine for Bence Jones protein 39 36
Fluid TLC 4,282 4471
Fluid DLC 4,274 4464

New Services and Facilities

  • ELISA based factors assessment of components of coagulation pathway.
  • Department is in the process of getting cryoequipments
  • Department provided short term observership in BM pathology
  • In the process of installing a fully automated coagulation analyzer with platelet function analyzer
  • Eosinophilic VCS parameters, namely, MEV (Mean eosinophil volume) and MEV-SD (eosinophil size variability)  in patients suspected of drug induced liver injury (DILI). Patients with DILI have increased levels of MEV and MEV-SD compared to other patients. 

Department Achievements

  • Department of hematology and clinical pathology is committed to deliver excellent quality services as per NABL and NABH standards.
  • Department provided observer ship and short term training in hematology
  • Department provided support and services to various research projects
  • Dr. Anupama Patil  and Ms. Deepika presented their work on “Sonoclot Signature Analysis Predicts Coagulopathy in Chronic Liver Disease”  and “Alteration of Megakaryocytic stem cells niche in Cirrhosis” in Haematocon 2016, held in Jaipur from 10th – 13th November, 2016.
  • Department prepared and designed SOPs for cryopreservation


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