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Transfusion Medicine

Transfusion Medicine

Our Mission :

“To provide safe and quality transfusion products and services timely, as well as contributing to education, research and training of medical and paramedical personnel in the field of transfusion medicine so as to benefit the overall well being of the patient” . The Department of Transfusion Medicine is committed to provide the highest quality of Transfusion support both in terms of diagnostic and therapeutic modes of treatment round the clock and advanced Immunohematological testing to the patients and the donors. Brief outline of the department and its role in the hospital are mentioned as under:

  • We appreciate and encourage voluntary donors by increasing the awareness and education regarding blood donation and also honour them
  • The second most important aspect is to provide safe units in terms of transfusion transmitted infections for which we have a highly sensitive screening test based on the principle of chemiluminescence to reduce the number of false negatives.
  • The third important aspect is precise serological testing in patients and donors samples for which we have gel techniques, extended phenotyping and antibody screening and typing facilities which enables us to select the best match unit for the patient.
  • The fourth important aspect is the therapeutic mode of intervention for which we have the facility of plasma exchange, cascade plasmapheresis, therapeutic apheresis and therapeutic phlebotomy.
  • To sub serve the aforementioned aims we have a dedicated and a well trained staff who all hold patients overall well being in the highest regards and adhere strictly to SOPs (standard operating procedures) and GMP (good manufacturing practices).

Services Rendered

Services 2017 2018
Donor grouping 8105 9286
Donor ICT 8105 9286
Donor Du 583 625
Patient grouping 3867 4215
Patient ICT 2983 3235
Patient DCT 1261 1336
Patient Du 204 199
Plasma Exchange 163 439
Liver transplant workup 437 389
Cross matching 12325 13732
Donation 7567 8490
Transfusion Transmitted Infectious (TTI) marker done 8105 9286
Leucodepleted PRBC (LD-PRBC) prepared 7567 7852
Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) prepared 7277 7680
Random Donor Platelet Concentrate (RDPC) prepared 3360 3251
Leucodepleted RDPC (LD-RDPC) prepared 267 347
Leucodepleted SDPC (LD-SDPC) prepared 460 723
Cryoprecipitate (CRYO) prepared 3029 1985
Cryo Poor Plasma (CPP) prepared 1985 2549
Leucodepleted PRBC (LD-PRBC) issued 6558 7290
Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) issued 4919 10206
Random Donor Platelet Concentrate (RDPC) issued 2727 2899
Leucodepleted RDPC (LD-RDPC) issued 267 347
Leucodepleted SDPC (LD-SDPC) issued 443 676
Cryo Poor Plasma (CPP) issued 3110 2405
Cryoprecipitate (CRYO) issued 2405 3110
Antibody identification 57 60
Antibody Titer 104 252
Immuno-Adsorption 0 4

Courses Offered

Course Candidates admitted Candidates passed
PDCC in Immunohematology and BloodBanking Dr. Vikas Hegde Dr. Akshay Batra
  Dr. Smita Chouhan

Department’s Achievements

Courses offered

Course Candidates Admitted Candidates passed
PDCC in Immunohematology and Blood Banking Dr.Ansuman Sahu
Dr.Smita Chouhan
Dr.Brinda Kakkar
Dr.Ansuman Sahu
Dr.Smita Chouhan
PDCC in Apheresis Technology Dr.Trupti Laxman Lokhande
Dr.Dnyaneshwar Shridharrao Patale
Dr.Brinda Kakkar
Dr.Abhaykumar Malind Gupta
Dr.Trupti Laxman Lokhande
Dr.Dnyaneshwar Shridharrao Patale


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