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Biochemistry (metabolic Medicine & Immunopathology)

Biochemistry (Metabolic Medicine & Immunopathology)

The Biochemistry laboratory provides clinicians with timely , unambiguous and meaningful reports to assist in the clinical diagnosis of disease and to monitor response to treatment .It obtains reliable and reproducible data for health screening and epidemiological studies  and  keeps abreast with advancing technology as well as aspects of healthcare legislation that might be relevant to modern laboratory practice.

The laboratory is involved in both  pre- analytical  (test ordering , blood collection , specimen transport ) and the post analytical testing (preparing reports , transmission of results and maintaining a data file ). The lab is involved in basic analysis, quality control, professional competencies, and cost effective strategies of operation. All these applications are encompassed by the highest standards of national accreditation. Biochemistry lab excels in greater accomplishments in areas of informatics. New version of WIPRO LIS has enabled complex laboratory test result ordering and reporting and management and communication of clinical information in a meaningful way to clinical colleagues. The area of  near –patient laboratory services has grown with the addition of two new ABG machines . Internal quality control monitoring and purchase of reagents, overall maintenance  of P.O.C.T. equipments is overseen by the Biochemistry lab .Upgradation of STAT lab by installation of DXH 600 automated cell counter and the routine lab by Maglumi 2000 plus and DXI immunoassay analyzers will enable us to respond to increased volumes of testing and complexity of measurements and examinations. Benchmarking has been introduced in the lab which is an essential technique for achieving continuous sustainable improvement based on evidence in laboratory performance to ensure that it is effective and efficient with elimination of waste. 

Services Rendered

A. R outine Tests

  • LFT, KFT, Lipid profile, Cardiac profile, iron studies, basic metabolic panel, comprehensive metabolic panel, diabetic panel, serum electrolytes, osmolarity, BUN, ammonia and urine pregnancy test.

B. Fluid Analysis

  • Glucose, albumin, bilirubin, cholesterol, triglyceride, ADA, amylase, lipase, LDH, protein, AAG and SPAG.

C. Urine Analysis

  • Urea, creatinine, uric acid, protein, sodium potassium, chloride, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, albumin, protein:creatinine ration and creatinine clearance.

D. Endocrinology

  • FT3, FT4, TSH, Insulin, PTH, Vitamin B12 and Folate.

E. Oncology

  • AFP, CEA, CA 19.9, CA 125 and PSA.

F. Immunology

  • IgG, IgG4, IgA, IgM, IgE, Cystatin-C, transferin, ferritin, C3, C4 and RA.

G. Inflammatory Markers

  • CRP, AAT, Ceruloplasmin and TNF-alpha.

H. Serology


I. Autoimmune Tests


J. Therapeutic Drug Monitoring:Tacrolimus.

K. Liver Transplant Chemistry: ICG Elimination test.

L. Bone Metabolism Test : Total Vitamin D

M. POCT : Spot creatinine, Spot troponin-T, Spot troponin-I, Spot glucose, Spot ABG and Spot ABG with electrolytes.

N. Allergy profile:Food allergy | Inhalation allergy


Name of the Investigation 2015 2016
Total Tests 420076 456044
Routine 208080 233444
Fluid Analysis 8673 9788
Urine Analysis 7783 7731
Endocrinology 14434 16351
Oncology 9534 11211
Immunology 5953 7214
Inflammatory Markers 4067 3983
Serology 1135 1268
Autoimmune Tests 4828 6201
Therapeutic Drug Medicine 3611 3306
Liver Transplant Chemistry 236 134
Bone Metabolism Test 2171 2170
Point of Care Testing 151063 148276
Allergy Profile 55 67

New Services and Facilities

New tests

  • LC-1 (Autoantibody by blot)
  • Sp100 (Autoantibody by blot)
  • M2-3E(BPO) (Autoantibody by blot)
  • Adrenaline (by ELISA)
  • Noradrenaline (by ELISA)
  • Aldosterone (by ELISA)
  • Homocysteine (by Colorimetry)
  • NT-proBNP (by CLIA)
  • Anti TPO (by CLIA)
  • CA242 (byCLIA)
  • Chromogranin-A (by ELISA)
  • 24hrs Urinary uric acid (by Colorimetry)
  • 24hrs Urinary phosphorus (by Colorimetry)

New Instruments

  • DXH 600 automated cell counter
  • DXI Immunoassay analyzer
  • MAGLUMI 2000 Plus
  • 2 ABG machines ( LCICU , TICU )

New software

  • Bidirectional interfacing of Access2 and DXC600
  • Version 4 Wipro software has improved TAT of verification through bulk verification
  • New report format condensing interpretation of tests

Continual Quality Improvement

  • Expansion of scope of NABL( 14 tests)
  • Started participation in HbA1C CMC Vellore EQAS.
  • Revised SOPs of DXC 600 test (Routine Biochemistry)
  • Prepared final SOPs of Inflammatory markers and protein assays

Educational Activities

The department offers short term training programme in clinical biochemistry/automation and immunology to B.Sc.MLT students.

Department’s Achievements

  • Technical or scientific expertise is its strength. The management structure involves a clear line of accountability of each member of staff to the head of department.
  • The biochemistry lab has contributed to saving to the tune of nearly one crore to ILBS along with revenue generation and reduction of outsourced tests to minimum.
  • Continuing professional development of all the staff is encouraged. Academic enrichment programs attended
    • Annual quality and HbA1C meet
    • V.Ramalingaswami Oration
    • Journey with Radiometer
    • Westgard rules
    • Automation in urinalysis and comprehensive Pre-Natal screening solution
    • Immunoflourescence /Autoimmunity workshop
  • Participated in and arranged sponsors for V.Ramalingaswami Oration held on August 8th 2016.
  • Involved in PhD. Teaching , D.M. teaching , co-supervisor in D.M , PDCC theses/projects of Hepatology , Hepatobiliary Surgery , Nephrology , Transplant anaesthesia , Urology and nutrition.
  • Two months training of BSc. MLT student , Arun. Training on ICG of Dr. Ashish Saha ,KPC Medical College.
  • Internal collaboration related to “Metabolomics in Alcoholic hepatitis’’ with INSERM Institute , FRANCE
  • Interdepartmental project funded by SERB – Therapeutic approach to diastolic dysfunction in CLD patients and its impact on morbidity and mortality .
  • Conducted 3 Health screening camps -World kidney day 10th March ,2016,World liver day 19th April ,2016 -World Hepatitis Day 28th July ,2016
  • Part of team for “Healthy Liver Healthy Delhi project” of ILBS with Mylan pharmaceuticals. Helped with logistics and preparation of IEC material.

Future plans of department

  • To offer customers high quality diagnostic services with a wide spectrum of test, faster turn around time , decreased errors , access to recent developments in medical diagnostic care with a human touch , at an affordable cost using state – of – art equipments and LIS.
  • Enhanced education , training and research .
  • To study inborn errors of metabolism of liver .

Visiting Faculty

Name Institution
Dr. Ashish Saha KPC Medical College


  • ECHO
  • ECHO
  • Acuteon
  • NSI
  • NLDB

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