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Super Speciality

Super Speciality

The specialty departments available on regular services are Neurology, Nephrology and Cardiology. While each specialty is aimed to provide a strong supporting service to inpatient and OPD patients of ILBS, they have full infrastructure to evaluate and manage problems related to their specific field.

The specialty departments have the responsibility to provide comprehensive and competent specialist care in this unique hospital model, with the vision that it would not lack behind in providing the needed care in all spheres, while aiming to provide focused care for hepatobiliary patients. Each superspeciality is fully equipped to provide the services it is expected to.

The Outpatient clinics of these departments are running from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm on all working days. The specialists would cater to patients with hepatobiliary diseases and also otherwise who require these services. The center is equipped to handle patients requiring these supporting services with manpower as well as infrastructure. The admitted patients also have the added benefit of these services, on a routine as well as emergency setting. With the imminent liver transplantation in mind, the super specialists would provide the necessary and timely help and prompt management of complications.

The specialty services aim to go beyond the routine and expected realm by conducting research in the areas of neurological and renal association with liver disease. This would be in confirmation with the integral part of vision with which the institute has been created.

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