Good News For Patients Of Hepatitis C

Good News for patients of Hepatitis C

Long awaited in India - Hep C wonder drug SOFOSBUVIR now available at unbelievably affordable rates at ILBS! Please contact Ms Anila Goswami (011-46300098 Email : for details.

How does Sofosbuvir work?
Sofosbuvir is a breakthrough medicine that directly targets the hepatitis C (Hep C) virus. Combination therapy with Sofosbuvir has been shown to be effective for people with Hep C genotypes 1, 2, 3, and 4.

What the Hep C virus does
The Hep C virus infects a liver cell. Then, it uses the cell to create new copies of itself. These copies then leave the cell and move on to infect other liver cells, creating more copies.

What Sofosbuvir does
Sofosbuvir directly targets the Hep C virus to stop it from making copies of itself in the liver. Sofosbuvir attaches itself to the genetic code of the virus, called RNA, to block the virus from multiplying.It is generally used in combination with Ribavirin.
Sofosbuvir is an oral once a day drug and has many advantages.

  • Reduced incidence of adverse effects as compared to PEG Interferon and other antiviralsReduced incidence of adverse effects as compared to PEG Interferon and other antivirals
  • Faster and stronger HCV viral load reduction.
  • Better improvement in liver enzymes and functions

The Hepatologists at ILBS have large experience with sofosbuvir

  • Around two hundred patients are already (as of May 2015) on treatment with Sofosbuvir at ILBS.
  • Close monitoring of treatment by a ‘Hepatitis C’ Nurse.
  • 24 hr Liver Helpline : 1800115354



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