Prof. S. K. Kacker, Former Director, AIIMS

Prof. S. K. Kacker, Former Director, AIIMS

M.S., F. R. C. S, (LONDON), F. A. M. S,
Oto- Rhino- Laryngologist
Director & Prof. Delhi ENT Hospital & Research Centre, Jasola, New Delhi,
Former Director & Prof. AIIMS, Delhi,
Address : 6, Navjivan Vihar, New Delhi -1100017
E-mail :
Mobile: 98110037368
Phone : 26692525, 26691525
Fax : 26692898

Prof. S. K. Kacker Brief Career Highlights

Educational Background

1968 F.R.C.S. Royal College of Surgeons, London, England
1963 MS (ENT) King George's Medical College, Lucknow (U.P.)

Field of Specialization

Otorhinolaryngology, Neuro-Ototlogy and rehabilitation of communication handicapped.

Career Summary

Sep 1963 – Till Date All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, Director, Professor & Head, 15th Oct 1990 to  
1985 1985 World representative of India for Worl Congresses of ORL in Miami. Honorary Surgeon to the President of India.  
1985 -1983 Chairman, Rehabilitation Council of India Speech and Hearing Section
1986 Padma Shri Award
1986 -1989   Developing a National Programme for Prevention of Hearing impairment. Tried a module in rural Delhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru Fellowship  
March 1987

General Education Award form Manipal Karnataka

1987 -1988

President of AOI. Expert ICMR, Medical Council of India and other
bodies and expert Examiner of Several Universities, Institutions for Postgraduate, under-graduate and organizer of conferences

  • Chairman Delhi Prevention of Hearing Impairment Committee 200 Publication in Journals and books. Special interest in surgery for improving hearing and speech. Developed minimally invasive surgery for repair of drum without stitching.
  • FAMS Elected Fellow of Academy of Medical Otolaryngologist for Federation of Medical Sciences 1985
  • Representative of the Association of Medical Sciences. India
  • Co-opted Member of the executive of the Federation of Association/ Societies of Medical Sciences India.
  • President of the Association of Otolaryngologist of India, Delhi Branch 1971-72
  • Vice-President Neuro Otological and Equilibriometric Society of India 1983.
  • President Neuro Otology Equili-Briometric Society of India 1985-86
  • Member Executive Rhinology Society of India.
  • World Representative of India for XII worl Congress of ORL, Miami, USA -1985 And for XIII World Congress of ORL for 1989, Madrid, Spain.
  • President of the Association of Otolaryngologist of India 1987-88


  • Expert on panel of Indian Council of Medical Research.
  • Examiner of various postgraduate Examination in Indian Universities and Nepal
  • Expert on selection committees of Various Universities and Medical Colleges.
  • Experts Medical Council of India.
  • Expert on Vocational Rehabilitation Centre for Handicapped.
  • Expert Board of Studies-Kanpur Aligarh Universities
  • Expert on Medical Board of Civil Aviation.
  • Sr. Resident –KGMC, Lucknow, July 1962- June 1963

After Postgraduation

  • Teaching Experience 31 Years.
  • Chief Resident, KGMC Lucknow. July 1963 to September 1963.
  • Assistant Professor AIIMS, New Delhi, March 1971.
  • Associated Professor AIIMS, New Delhi, March 1971- October 1976.
  • Professor & Head. AIIMS, New Delhi , 15th October 1976 – 14th October 1990
  • Director, AIIMS, New Delhi 15th October, 1990
  • Head of ENT Director of Medical Education. Batra Hospital, New Delhi, November 1995
  • Senior Consultant, ENT Sitaram Bhartia Hospital.
  • Director, Member Secretary, Delhi ENT Hospital & Research Centre , Jasola. New Delhi,

Continuing Medical Education Programme.

Postgraduate courses arranged more than 20 for postgraduate teacher in Otology, Neuro-Otology, Laryngology. Tympanoplasty Surgery of Internal Auditory Canal, Surgery of Facial Palsy, Myringoplasty and Ossiculoplasty, Neur-Otology, Microlaryngeal Surgery.

Foreign Assignments

  • Helped Nepal re-organize the MBBS teaching/ Training and assessment and plan a need based curriculum also participated in an International seminar on Medical Education for the twenty first century. Organized by B. P. Koirala Institute Dharan, Nepal.
  • Assisted Libya In Undergraduate teaching and examination.
  • Helped Nepal in organizing postgraduate diploma course in ORL.
  • W. H. O. Consultancy to Nepal to strengthen Bir Hospital (Valley Group) Postgraduate training program.
  • Assisted Afghanistan in organizing the postgraduate diploma course of two years duration in otorhinolarynogology.
  • Helped in organizing course in Audiology in Otology-Centre Bangkok, Mahidol University of Thailand.

Summary of Research Work

  • Research in Otology/Neuro-Otology/Base skull surgery standardization of hearing thresholds
  • Experimental work on ototoxic drugs. Hearing loss in raised intracranial pressure.
  • Management of Hearing loss
  • Management of Some type of Sensorineural hearing loss by medicines developed.
  • Transsphenoidal hypophysectomy and middle and posterior cranial fossa surgery with collaboration of neuro-surgery with collaboratin of neurosurgery department.
  • Prevention of sensorineural hearing loss stabilization of hearing.
  • Sechmanna Naidu Memori Guest Lecture Andhra Pradesh, 1987
  • Marshal Subroto Mukherjee Oration, Banglore, 1987
  • Guest Lecture ORL-Ranchi, Bihar, 1989
  • Developing a National Programme for prevention of Hearing impairment 1986-89, Tried a module in rural Delhi.
  • President of AOI (1987-88)
  • Member, WHO Advisory Panel on Prevention of Deafness Hearing Impairment.
  • Expert ICMR, Medical Council of India and other bodies and expert.
  • Examiner of several universities, Institutions for postgraduates, undergraduates and organizer of conferences.
  • Hostel Superitendent 1985-89
  • Expert on Vocational rehabilitation centers for handicapped.
  • Honorary surgeon to the president of India.
  • Member Consultative Committee of Aids and appliances for the handicapped
  • Member, Executive Council Ali Yawar Jung Institute, Bomby
  • Om Prakash Bhasin Award (1992)
  • Member Governing Body, National Institute of immunology, New Delhi , (1990)

Editorial Experience

  • Editorial Secretary, Indian Journal of Otolaryngology (1972-1973).
  • Chairman Editorial Board, Indian Journal of Otolaryngology (1977-1978)
  • Editorial Advisory Panel Overseas Editor (India), British Journal of Audiology (Founded by the Royal National Institute for Deaf in 1967) U. K.
  • Chairman and Hony. Secretary Advisory Committee on Core Books in Medicine NBT 1990

Conferences Organized

  • Organizing Secretary, 23rd Annual Conferences of AOI, 1974
  • Organizing Secretary NES-1978 National Conference.
  • Secretary, International NES (1980) Conference.
  • State Of Art Symposium Microsurgery of the Temporal Bone, October, 1981 for Silber Jubilee of AIIMS.
  • Organizing Secretary-Impact-International International Initiative against Preventiable Disability, 1983. Need based Medical Education (1991)
  • Organizing Secretary, Annual Conferences of AOI, 1985.
  • Asia Oceania Congress, 1987 Delhi (Scientific Committee)
  • Chairman Speech and Hearing ISHA Conference 1990.
  • Organizing Committee (1994) VICC International Conference.

Awards, Distinctions, Prizes Etc

At Undergraduate Level

1st Class 1st position in all five years with following prizes from King George’s Medical College, Luknow U. P. (16 Gold Medals) 2 Silver Medals 3 book prices for 1st position certificates of honour in 9 subjects.

Mactazgart prize for best Work In clinical medicine.

Prize for research in Anatomy.  

At postgraduate Level 1st Position with Gold Medal form King George’s Medical College, Lucknow, U. P. .  
Awards after Postgraduation
  • RAF Cooper Gold medal Award for best research work (1969) in Indian ORL
  • Junior Scientist Award paper selected (1970) by the Indian Academy of Medical Sciences.
  • Association of Oto-Rhino- Laryngologist of India Annual Merit Awards
  • Mafatlal Gaggalbhai Award 1973.
  • L. H. Hiranandani Award 1977.
  • Prasukhlal Award 1977.
  • Shri Bhaugreberal Award 1979 and 1982
  • Dr. B. C Roy National Award of the Medical Council of India.
International Recognition
  • Member, International Otospongiosis Research Group 1976
  • Executive Member of Asia -Oceania ORL Association, 1979-87 (eight years)
  • Guest Faculty, Libya, Nepal and Afghanistan Medical Colleges
  • Guest Faculty Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital, New York, USA, 1988.
  • National Chairman Form India at International Microsurgery workshop 1988, Chicago, USA
  • Member WHO Advisory Panel on prevention of Deafness Hearing Impairment 1990.
Fellowship/ Membership National and International Academes, etc. Elected Fellow of the Collegium Oto-rhino- Laryngology cur Amicitae Sacrum-Switzerland., Basel-174(Only Indian elected in last two decades) Highest academic body in ORL inworld.

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