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Vision,Mission And Objective

National Liver Disease Biobank



To build national medical research capacity, through biobank based science in India.



  • To develop an independent, open accessible, advanced national biobank facility, which could provide proficient biological sample storage, cataloguing, for ready reference and retrieval, high-end analytical services through skilled manpower along with human resource training in biobanking.
  • A nodal centre for translational and basic researchers to conduct thorough research, on longitudinal cohort bio-samples under one roof.



  • To establish an independent National Biobank on Liver disease research, functioning testing of cryo preservation, analytical systems and implementation of quality assurance practices.
  • Nationwide capacity building in Liver disease research by sharing the services, informatics and strengthening competence and capabilities of stakeholders.
  • To attain partial sustenance model to deliver the excellence in biobanking services by adopting appropriate model by utilizing the world-class services and resources.
  • To undertake biobank based pilot projects and to expand the biobank based need and science in India.




  • Liquid Nitrogen Storage tank
  • 80°C freezers
  • -25°C freezer



  • Next-Gen Sequencing [NGS]
  • High Resolution-Mass Spectrometer
  • Automated IHC, IF, ISF Stainer
  • Flow Cytometer with Cell Sorter
  • Surecast Gel Handcast Bundle
  • Tissue Embedding Station
  • Cryotome
  • Microtome
  • CO2 Incubator
  • Tissue Processor
  • Gel Doc System
  • Grossing Stations
  • Tissue Microarrayer
  • Controlled Rate Freezer
  • Micro & Ultra Centrifuges


Courses & Training Offered

  • Biobanking, cryostorage, analytical, pathological and molecular techniques
  • Training in biobanking, storage and analytical procedure
  • Lab Pathological training
  • Biobank management & Cryostorage training


Services Rendered

  • Biosample Storage - 14,153
  • Analytical Services - 1,444


Department’s Achievements

  • Biobank Information Management Systems (BIMS) software development
  • Agreement and policy documents, MTA, Informed consent (English & Hindi), service requisition form & Biobank SOPs were prepared
  • Resource Sharing and Analytical Services for 35 projects
  • Service Agreements Signed: 12 Storage and 5 Analytical service agreements
  • Joint Projects submitted in Funding agencies
  • Training in IHC / Immuno-fluorescence on Automated Immunostainer by scientists from Biogenex for Technical Staffs
  • Vivid Foundation, (Delhi) has awarded us “Innovation in Health” award
  • Membership of international organisation ANRRC and ISBER
  • Biobank certificate and diploma courses designed and approved by academic council
  • International Advisory board constituted
  • MOU served in 12 hospitals for collaboration
  • Biobank has published 2 international paper and 4 Abstracts/Posters were accepted in international conferences
  • NLDB was publicized in 4 national and 2 international conferences


Educational Activities

  • Workshops for student of Amity and Sharda University
  • Symposium organised by the biobank on 22nd feb, 2019

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