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EITEC (Indian Technical And Economic Cooperation)

“Capacity Building in Liver Disease Management” through e-ITEC course for AFRICAN Countries have recently been conducted from 16th Oct to 11th Nov 2020. This was an On-line training module: Level -1 (BASIC ADULT HEPATOLOGY) which aimed at the training of the General physicians, Medical practitioners, Medical Students, research Fellows etc.

S. No. Date Speaker Topic Video
1 16-10-2020 Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma, Professor & Head- Hepatology Approach to abnormal LFTs and Diagnostic approach to cirrhosis
2 17-10-2020 Dr. Rakhi Maiwall, Additional Professor- Hepatology Evaluation of ascites, Management of ascites in cirrhosis, Refractory ascites
3 21-10-2020 Dr. Shasthry SM,Associate Professor- Hepatology Presentations and diagnostic approach to associated liver disease (ALD), Management of alcohol related fatty liver disease, cirrhosis, and alcoholic hepatitiswith 
4 23-10-2020 Dr. Ankur Jindal, Associate Professor- Hepatology Initial workup and assessment of a patient chronic HCV infection, Anti-viral treatment of HCV in treatment naive and treatment experienced patients, Antiviral treatment for HCV in special situations
5 24-10-2020 Dr. Chitranshu,Associate Professor- Hepatology MAFLD clinical presentations, evaluation and management.
6 28-10-2020 Dr. Vinod Arora,Assistant Professor- Hepatology Causes and diagnosis of etiologies of portal hypertension- overview
7 30-10-2020 Dr. Ankur Jindal, Associate Professor- Hepatology Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)- Etiologies, risk factors, screening/ surveillance, diagnosis and staging of HCC.
8 31-10-2020 Dr. S. K. Sarin,Sr. Professor- Hepatology & Director- ILBS Initial workup and assessment of a patient with HBsAg positive, When to start and stop treatment in chronic HBV infection, Pregnancy and Hepatitis B Virus Infection.
9 04-10-2020 Dr. Ashok Choudhury,Associate Professor- Hepatology Management of HCC in cirrhotic and non-cirrhotic liver
10 06-11-2020 Dr. V. Rajan, Assistant Professor- Hepatology Upper GI bleeding in cirrhosis- Approach to management- Esophageal and gastric variceal bleed
11 07-11-2020 Dr. V. Rajan, Assistant Professor- Hepatology Primary and secondary prophylaxis of variceal bleeding
12 11-11-2020 Dr. Ashok Choudhury,Associate Professor- Hepatology Indications and contraindications of liver transplantation in various liver diseases

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