The only centre under GNCTD performing Liver and Kidney transplants.

Liver Transplant Services

Liver Transplant Services

The liver is a resilient, maintenance-free organ that's easy to ignore - until something goes wrong. Because of its wide-ranging responsibilities, the liver often comes under attack by viruses, toxic substances (including alcohol), contaminants and disease. Even when it is under siege however, the liver is very slow to complain. Often, people with liver problems will be completely unaware because they may have few, if any, symptoms. The liver is such a stalwart organ that it will continue working even when two thirds of it has been damaged by scarring (cirrhosis).A liver transplant is a life-preserving operation that replaces a diseased and poorly functioning liver with either a whole or portion of a healthy donated liver. Liver transplantation has become a well-recognized treatment option for people with organ failure. In ILBS, nearly 100 such transplants are performed every year. Livers are donated either from individuals who have been declared brain dead and with the consent of their next of kin, or from a living donor such as a relative. Liver transplant centres match donors with recipients based on compatible liver size and blood type.

ILBS is the only centre under the aegis of the Delhi Government to have an active liver transplant program. This began in 2010. At ILBS, we have a very capable team that treats and supports adult and paediatric patients in end-stage liver disease. This includes pre and post transplant care. From our program’s inception in 2010 till now, we have offered living related transplantation services to liver patients and their living donors who have come to us from all parts of the country.

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