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Our Services

Hospital Services

The mission of Team ILBS is "to serve as a torch-bearer model of health care in the country by amalgamating the skills and structure of academic universities, clinical and research acumen of the super specialists and the managerial skills of the corporate world."

Many visitors to ILBS are pleased by the professional look and feel of the hospital. They encounter smiling staff at the front desk, neat clean and well maintained facilities, kind and cooperative paramedical staff, experienced and highly competent doctors and above all – quick turnaround times across departments. Needless to say, our clients rank us high on patient satisfaction parameters and do not hesitate to visit again!

At ILBS we are committed to making available to our patients the best of services in the field of liver and biliary sciences - from diagnostic to therapeutic, from medical to surgical and from curative to palliative. Browse through the links on the left to learn about various disease conditions and treatment modalities related to liver and biliary systems, to see your test reports online, or to know about our consultants and their OPD days.

For any further queries, please call 011 - 46300000

Hospital Services

  • A) Out Patient Department (OPD)

    • Phlebotomy & Laboratory
    • Fibroscan
    • Cardiac Echo & TMT
    • PFT
    • Executive Health Check –ups & ECG
    • Clinical Nutrition and Dietary services
    • Transplant Coordination
    • Li-HAb
    • PET – CT
    • Radiology and Imagine Services
    • OPD Pharmacy
  • B) In Patient Department (IPD)

    • ICU
    • HDU
    • GI Bleed Unit
    • Operating  Suite
  • C) Emergency Services

    • Ambulance
  • D) Day Care Services

    • Endoscopy Day-care
    • Intervention Radiology Day-care
    • Dialysis unit
    • Oncology Day-care
  • E) Support Services

    • Medical Records Department
    • Central Sterile Supply department


A) Out Patient Department

The Outpatient services in Phase –II building, Ground Floor with
Reception desk - 2001
Appointment Desk - 3026 ,
International Patient Desk -
Billing Desk - 23032 ,
TPA Desk - 23028 ,
And Consultation chambers with waiting and sub- waiting areas. Functional from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Except Sunday’s and Holiday’s)

We have Super Specialties like Super Speciality
1 Hepatology
2 Hepatopancreato-Biliary Surgery
3 Paediatric Hepatology
4 Nephrology
5 Pulmonology
6 Medical Oncology
7 Radiation Oncology
8 Urology and Renal Transplant services.
9 Special Clinics in Nutrition,
10 Neurology,
11 Cardiology
12 Psychiatric De-addiction
13 Gynaecology

Our appointment system is a fully electronic platform with display based queue management system for Every OPD sections.

To Book Appointments and General enquiry Please call – 011-46300000 and our IVR will guide you.

To see OPD Schedule Please Click: -


Phlebotomy Services & Lab Reception

The phlebotomy area is a dedicated area for the collection of samples from OPD patients. Trained phlebotomists who collect samples observe all the standard precautions.

Location: - Room Number – 2041 Ground Floor OPD Area, Phase-2, 22041

The patients are serviced through a queue management token based system. All lab reports will Electronically Dispatched on your Registered Whatsapp Number.

You can also download the report from our Website: -

Laboratory services

  • Hematology Test
  • Biochemistry  Test
  • Virology Test
  • Microbiology Test
  • Histopathology  Test
  • Blood Bank Test
  • Clinical & Cellular Transplant Immunology Test
  • Genetic  Test


Fibro scan

Location: - Room no. 2049 OPD Area Ground Floor Phase-2, 22049


Cardiac ECHO& TMT

Location :- Room no. 2054 OPD Area Ground Floor Phase-2, 22054



Location :- Room no. 2047 OPD Area Ground Floor Phase-2, 22047


Executive Health Check-up

Location :- Room no. 2048 OPD Area Ground Floor Phase-2, 22048


Clinical Nutrition and Dietary Department

Location :- Room no. 2035 OPD Area Ground Floor Phase-2, 22035


Transplant Coordination Department

Location :- Room no. 2061 OPD Area Ground Floor Phase-2, 22061



Location :- Room no. 2800  Upper Basement  Phase-2, 22800



Location: - Room no. 2860 OPD Area Ground Floor Phase-2, 22860


Radiology and Imaging services

MRI & CT scan

Location: - Room no. 7032 Ground Floor Phase-1, 17032


Location: - Room no. 7021 Ground Floor Phase-1, 17021


Location: - Room no. 7029 Ground Floor Phase-1, 17029


Report Collection Counter

Location: - Room no. 7001 Ground Floor Phase-1, 17001


OPD Pharmacy

Location: - Ground Floor Phase – II, Ext no -22072


B) In patient Services

We have 315 fully functional complement beds: 90 general ward beds, 10 super economy beds, 40 semi private beds, 60 private rooms, 26 paediatric ward, 06 VIP suites, 20 Liver coma ICU beds, 04 Liver Coma isolation beds, 12 Surgical ICU Beds, 05 liver transplant ICU beds, 02 oncology, 05 transplant HDU Beds, 04 Renal Transplant ICU beds, 04 AUD Ward Beds, 04 Pulmonary Ward Beds, 23 HDU beds).

For In-patient Admission related Query Please contact 23029

For Billing related Query please contact 23032

Intensive Care Services

We have 4 ICU’s

  • Surgical ICU on 3rd floor phase 1 Ext. no 13039
  • Liver Transplant ICU on 4th floor Phase 1 14075
  • Renal Transplant ICU on 4th floor phase 1 Ext no. 14021
  • Liver Coma ICU on 3rd floor Phase 2 22360


High Dependency Unit

We have 2 HDU

  • Transplant HDU on 4th Floor phase 1 Ext. no. 14038
  • Liver HDU on 3rd floor Phase 2 Ext. no. 22344


GI Bleed Unit

GI Bleed Unit is a Specialised Unit for Patient with High Bleeding Risk, Which is Strategically Situated close to Endoscopy.

Location 1st Floor ph 1, Ext. no. 11074


Operating Suites

The institute has six fully equipped state-of-the-art modular operating rooms (OR). Two ORs are dedicated to the liver and renal transplant surgery and four OR are for other surgical procedures.

Surgical OT 3rd Floor Phase 1
Transplant OT 4th Floor Phase 1


C) Emergency Services

The emergency services are functional 24x7, round the clock on all days.

A dedicated 24 hour toll free no.1-800-11-5354 has been designated as “Liver Help Line”

Location :- Ground Floor, Phase 1 Ext. No. 17049, CMO duty Mobile no. 8448884294

The emergency block is fully equipped with advance monitoring and resuscitation equipments.

For Ambulance Services please reached at Ambulance driver no: - Ext. no. 17048, 8448884298


D) Day Care Services


Endoscopy Day Care

Location: - 1st floor Phase 1, for Appointment please call 011-4630000


Intervention radiology Day-care

Location: - 1st floor Phase 1, for Appointment please call 011-4630000


Dialysis Unit

Location: - 2nd floor Phase 1, for Appointment please call 011-4630000


Oncology Day Care

Location: - Upper Basement Phase 2, for Appointment please call 011-4630000.


Radiation Oncology

Location: - Upper Basement Phase 2, for Appointment please call 011-4630000.


Nuclear Medicine

Location: - Upper Basement Phase 2, for Appointment please call 011-4630000.


Albumin Day Care

Location: - 1st floor, Phase 2, for Appointment please call 011-4630000.


E) Support Services


Medical Records Department

Medical Record Department is responsible for monitoring, maintaining and keeping of the medical record of Indoor and day care patients. Apart from maintenance of the records, department is responsible for providing assistance to the patients and their relatives for getting claims from their departments / Insurance companies, correction and modiï¬Âcation of patient details and other concerned needs.
Location: - Room no. 3822, Upper Basement, Phase –II, Ext. no. 223822


Central sterile supply Department

The Institute has the most modern and state of the art Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD).

Location: - Lower Basement, Phase – I



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