Hepatitis Induction Program (HIP):

It is a one-day training program conducted at ILBS to build capacity of primary care physicians and paramedical professionals for the management of viral hepatitis.

  • A one-day (8 hour long) training program on viral hepatitis at ILBS.
  • Didactic lectures by the nursing faculty or expert in the said procedure/topic, Live-Demonstration and Workshops, and printed modules for the participants.
  • Program will be run separately for primary care physicians and paramedical professionals.
  • All the participants will be given modules for the ready reference material.
  • A 'Certificate of Participation' will be awarded to all the participants.
  • No financial commitment/expense from the participant side.
  • Local travel expenses will be reimbursed to all the participants on actuals basis but not exceeding Rs. 14 per km or Rs. 450, whichever is lower.
  • Refreshments for the participants will be provided by the Institute.
  • CNE Accreditation by Delhi Nursing Council.

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Hepatitis Update Program (HUP):

A continued e-learning program to track the progress made on the training imparted through HIP and to create a model towards a continued and advanced training on viral hepatitis.

  • Total duration of the program is 6 months
  • The program would be run through web-based modules. The queries of the students would be clarified through live sessions by respective tutors. As an add on benefit all the live sessions will be available online for ready reference material.
  • ‘Certificate of Participation’ at the end of the program on the basis of performance in formative assessments which would be inbuilt in the modules and a final assessment will be scheduled. Participants scoring 50% marks will be provided with the certificates.
  • Program will be run separately for primary care physicians and paramedical professionals.
  • The course is completely free of cost and without any financial implications to the individual participant or the participant institution.

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