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Name Designation
Dr Shiv Kumar Sarin Sr. Professor
Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma Professor
Dr. Vikram Bhatia Professor
Dr Rakhi Maiwall Addl. Professor
Dr. Ankur Jindal Associate Professor
Dr. Ashok Choudhury Associate Professor
Dr. Shasthry SM Associate Professor
Dr. V Rajan Assistant Professor
Dr. Vinod Arora Assistant Professor
Pediatric Hepatology
Dr Seema Alam Professor
Dr Rajeev Khanna Additional Professor
Dr Vikrant Sood Associate Professor
Dr. Bikrant Biharilal Raghuvanshi Assistant Professor
Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary (HPB) Surgery
Dr. T.K Chattopadhyay Sr. Consultant
Dr. Viniyendra Pamecha Professor
Dr. Piyush Kumar Sinha Assistant Professor
Dr. Shridhar V Sasturkar Assistant Professor
Dr Nilesh S Patil Assistant Professor
Dr Nihar Mohapatra Assistant Professor
Dr Ragini Kilambi Assistant Professor
Dr Rup Goswami Consultant
Clinical Nutrition
Dr. Y K Joshi Sr. Consultant
Dr Jaya Joy Benjamin Associate Professor
Anaesthesia / Intensive Care Medicine
Dr Mahesh Kumar Arora Professor
Dr. Kelika Prakash Assistant Professor
Dr Neha Garg Assistant Professor
Dr. Gaurav Assistant Professor
Critical or Intensive Care Medicine
Dr. Lalita Gouri Mitra Associate Professor
Dr. Vandana Saluja Associate Professor
Dr. Prashant Mohan Agarwal Associate Professor
Dr. Karthik Ponappan Consultant
Renal Transplant and Urology
Dr Ahmed Kamaal Assistant Professor
Dr Anil Sharma Consultant
Dr Rajendra Prasad Mathur Sr. Consultant
Dr Venkata Siva Tez P Assistant Professor
Dr. Namita Sharma Assistant Professor
Radiation Oncology
Dr. Hanuman Prasad Yadav Professor
Dr. Puja Sahai Assistant Professor
Dr. Deepti Sharma Consultant
Dr. Arun Kumar Sood Sr. Consultant
Dr. Balram Mishra Sr. Consultant
Pulmonary Medicine
Dr (Brig.) Debajyoti Bhattacharyya Professor
Dr Arvind Tomar Consultant
Molecular and Cellular Medicine
Dr. Vijay Kumar Professor
Dr. Nirupama Trehanpati Professor
Dr Gayatri Ramakrishna Professor
Dr. Shvetank Sharma Associate Professor
Dr. Anupam Kumar Assistant Professor
Dr. Sanal Madhusudan Girija Assistant Professor
Dr Savneet Kaur Assistant Professor
Dr Sukriti Assistant Professor
Dr Jaswinder Singh Maras Assistant Professor
Transfusion Medicine
Dr. Meenu Bajpai Professor
Nuclear Medicine
Dr Abhinav Singhal Assistant Professor
Radiology / Interventional Radiology
Dr Shalini Thapar Additional Professor
Dr. Amar Mukund Additional Professor
Dr. Yashwant Patidar Additional Professor
Dr. Sonali Sharma Assistant Professor
Dr. Rajiv Kapur Consultant
Dr. Sherin Sarah Thomas Consultant
Dr. Vikas Khillan Additional Professor
Dr. Pratibha R Kale Assistant Professor
Dr. Ekta Gupta Professor
Dr. Reshu Agarwal Assistant Professor
Dr. Archana Rastogi Professor
Dr. Chhagan Bihari Associate Professor
Clinical Research
Dr. Umesh Kapil Professor (Epidemiology)
Dr Neeraj Raizada Assistant Professor
Inspire Faculty
Dr. Jaswinder Singh Maras Inspire Faculty
Dr. Roshan Lal Koul Sr. Consultant
Consultant (Statistics)
Dr. Guresh Kumar Consultant (Statistics)
Epidemiologist/ Public Health Specialist
Dr Archana R Assistant Professor (Epidemiology)

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