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Center For Comparative Medicine

The Center for Comparative Medicine (CCM) provides the ILBS research community with animal housing, care, maintenance and procurement services and veterinary knowledge for animal-related research activities.

The CCM is registered with the 'Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals' (CPCSEA), Ministry of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries, Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Government of India (GOI) for ‘Research for education purposes, Research for Commercial Purposes, Breeding for in-house use and Breeding for the purpose of Trade of small animals’ vide registration no. 1562/GO/ReRcBiBt/S/11/CPCSEA, dated 23-12-2011, valid till September 2023.

The CCM maintains the records of day to day activities as well as breeding, maintenance and experimentation of the animals as per the statutory requirement of CPCSEA, Animal care and use activities are also carried out as per standard operating procedures (SOPs) approved by Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) . It has restricted entry policy under which only authorized persons are allowed to access the facility. The CCM provides services and resources for preclinical research involving rodents and zebra fish to the investigators to accomplish their research objectives, especially in the area of liver and biliary sciences. Importantly, the CCM is dedicated to ensure the humane and ethical usage of animals for research pursuits by strictly complying with the CPCSEA animal care principles, rules, regulations and guidelines.

It also provides veterinary assistance including anesthesia of animals, surgical procedures on animals, peri-operative care of animals, collection of biological samples, administration of medications and treatments, and record keeping as per Govt. of India regulations.


Faculty :
  • Dr. Savneet Kaur (Associate Professor & Scientist in-charge)
  • Dr. Dinesh Tripathi (Instructor)
Veterinarians :
  • Dr. K. B. Patel, Chief Veterinary Officer
  • Dr. Anupama Kumari, Veterinary Officer
Animal Care Support persons
  • Mr. Krishan
  • Mr. Karamjeet
  • Mr. Abhai
  • Mr. Sompal

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