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Vision, Mission & Quality Statement


To become one of the best Animal Care and Use program in the Academia sector with focus on complete pre-clinical and - comparative medicine support to the researchers in the area of liver, biliary and allied sciences.


The mission of the Center for Comparative Medicine at ILBS is to foster knowledge and improve the health and well being of humans and animals by advancing research and training in comparative medicine and biology.

  • To develop a facility with international standards for providing an excellent in-vivo research support to investigators.
  • To serve as a torch-bearer model of training, education and research support in laboratory animal science and medicine in university segment of India.
  • To ensure good welfare and humane treatment of the animals before, during and after experimentation
  • To become a first AAALAC International accredited program in University/Academia sector in India.
  • To operate animal care and use program in a time and cost effective manner
  • To drive scientific and technological developments that replace, reduce or refine the use of animals in research
  • To become a resource hub for in-vivo research models for liver and biliary diseases

Quality Statement

At ILBS, we believe that good animal care and good science go hand in hand.
We achieve our belief by ensuring :

  • Good welfare and humane treatment of animals in our care
  • Implementation of basic principles of 3Rs
  • Compliance with national rules and guidelines

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