Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC)

Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC)

IAEC re-constituted by CPCSEA on 28th September 2018


Prof. NK Ganguly, Sr. Professor, ILBS Chairman
Dr. Vineeta Singh, Scientist D, NIMR, New Delhi Main Nominee, CPCSEA
Dr. Mrs. Uma Bhandari, Professor, JHU, New Delhi Link Nominee, CPCSEA
Dr. H.B.Singh, Scientist E, MoST, New Delhi Scientist from outside Institute
Sh. Mahendra Yadav, Under Secretary, MoEFCC, New Delhi Socially Aware Nominee
Dr. Savneet Kaur, Asst. Prof., ILBS Scientist In- Charge, CCM
Dr K.B. Patel Chief Veterinary Officer Scientist from different biological discipline
Dr. Anupma Kumari, Veterinary Officer, ILBS Veterinarian
Dr. Nirupma Trehanpati,  Prof. & Faculty Incharge, ILBS Member Secretary

Meeting Calendar
IAEC meets quarterly (Mar/Apr, Jun/Jul, Sep/Oct, Dec/Jan) depending on need

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