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Facilities And Equipments

Facilities and Equipments

Center for Comparative Medicine comprises of two facilities

1. Phase II Facility

2. Phase I Facility

Phase II Facility

It is located in the ground floor, Phase II block of ILBS with over 15,000 square feet area. It has state of the art facilities for animal housing and experimentation. The facility comprises of 4 rodent holding rooms, 1 immuno-deficient mouse cubicle, mouse embryo rederivation lab with attached animal holding room, a rabbit room, a aquatic species room, 2 rooms for animal quarantine, 1 room for isolation/post operative care. Five rooms are available to conduct in-vivo experimental procedures and one histopathology laboratory to support disease diagnostic analysis. Facility has all required support service areas like washing, autoclave, clean storage, necropsy, feed and bedding store, clean equipment store, staff lounges. Facility comprises of Liver physiology and BSL-3 Lab for in-vivo and in-vitro research. The ground floor houses the service areas (washing, autoclaving and animal feed) and also various laboratories (biochemistry, microbiology, genetic monitoring and histology) and quarantine room. Animal holding rooms of the facility are maintained under automatic dark & light cycles and controlled environmental conditions for temperature, humidity, air pressure as per the regulatory requirements with the help of HVAC system.

In Phase II facility, over 850 square feet is a state-of-the-art high containment research facility designed for both in vitro and in vivo research requiring biosafety level 3 (BSL3) containment. Research conducted within the facility furthers the understanding and development of vaccines, diagnostics, and treatments for potentially life-threatening infectious diseases. The facility is available for use by ILBS investigators as well as external institutions

Phase I Facility

It is a transit animal facility (450 square feet) located in the upper basement, Phase I block of ILBS for performing in-vivo studies of short duration with the special need of transferring animals (to and from) external institute. This facility is operated with at most bio-security measures by use of personal protective equipments (PPE) (apron, face mask, cap, shoe covers etc) and disinfectant/sanitizing agents, periodic pest control and decontamination programs.


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