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Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Note: Soft copies of relevant SOPs may be requested from Dr. K.B. Patel (

01. Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC)
02. Animal House Management and General Policies
03. Animal House Facility Security Measures
04. Entry and Exit in CCM
05. Entry of Visitors in Center for Comparative Medicine
07. Training of Animal Care Personnel
08. Training of Animal Care and Use for Investigators and Students
09. Procurement, Storage and Use of Feed and Bedding Material
10. Procurement, Quarantine and Acclimatization of Laboratory Animals
11. Rodent Transportation
12. Supply of animals for experimental purpose
13. Husbandry and Care of Rats and Mice
14. Emergency, Weekend and Holiday Animal Care
15. Changing of Cages, Water Bottles, their Cleaning and Sanitation
16. Pain Management for Rats and Mice
17. Anesthesia of rats and mice
18. Rodent Surgery
19. Euthanasia of Rats and Mice
20. Disposal of Animal Carcass, Waste and other Bio-Medical Waste
21. Veterinary Care Program for Rodents
22. Animal Identification
23. Weighing of laboratory animals
24. Dose Administration through Different Routes in Rats and Mice
25. Blood Collection from Rats and Mice
26. Operation and Maintenance of Digital Lux Meter
27. Operation, Maintenance and Calibration of Sound Level Meter
28. Pest Control Program in Animal House Facility
29. Social Housing Procedure for Rodents
30. Management of Animal Bites, Scratches and other animal related injuries
31. Disaster Management Plan of CCM
32. Health Monitoring of Rodents
33. Breeding of Rodents
34. Environmental Monitoring in CCM
35. Controlled Substances
36. Operation of Horizontal Steam Sterilizer

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