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Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Standard Operating Procedures

  • Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC)
  • Animal House Management and General Policies
  • Animal House Facility Security Measures
  • Entry and Exit from Animal House
  • Entry of Visitors in Animal House Facility
  • Training of Animal Care Personnel
  • Training of Animal Care and Use for Investigators and Students
  • Procurement, Storage and Use of Feed and Bedding Material
  • Procurement, Quarantine and Acclimatization of Laboratory Animals
  • Rodent Transportation
  • Supply of animals for experimental purpose
  • Husbandry and Care of Rats and Mice
  • Emergency, Weekend and Holiday Animal Care
  • Changing of Cages, Water Bottles, their Cleaning and Sanitation
  • Pain Management for Rats and Mice
  • Anesthesia of rats and mice
  • Rodent Surgery/Peri-operative care
  • Euthanasia of Rats and Mice
  • Disposal of Animal Carcass, Waste and other Bio-Medical Waste
  • Veterinary Care Program for Rodents
  • Animal Identification
  • Weighing of laboratory animals
  • Dose Administration through Different Routes in Rats and Mice
  • Blood Collection from Rats and Mice
  • Operation and Maintenance of Digital Lux Meter
  • Operation, Maintenance and Calibration of Sound Level Meter
  • Pest Control Program in Animal House Facility
  • Social Housing of Rodents
  • Management of Animal Bites, Scratches and other animal related injuries
  • Disaster Management Plan of Animal House
  • Health Monitoring of Rodents
  • Breeding of Rodents
  • Environmental Monitoring in Animal House

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