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  • How do I get access to the animal facilities?

    Take an Orientation class with Chief Veterinary Officer, which occurs 1st week of every month.

  • What is 48 rule of Biosecurity?

    We have 48-hour quarantine after being in contact with other rodents from other animal facilities. This is to prevent our animals from being subjected to contamination from other rodents. Such pathogens could influence the laboratory animals and destroy the experiments in progress at our facility.

  • What is SPF?

    Specific Pathogen Free status indicates that the rodents have been tested and determined free of designated pathogens, but not necessarily free of all pathogens or microbes.

    Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) facilities are designed to maintain rodents in an environment that is free of certain (Not all) infectious organisms that are pathogenic and/or capable of interfering with research objectives.

  • What is IAEC?

    Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC), comprises of total nine members including four nominated members by Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experimentation on Animals (CPCSEA). IAEC approves animal experimentation protocols and oversee full animal care and use program.

  • Why should I need IAEC approved active protocol?

    For conducting any animal experimentation or use animals for research one needs to have IAEC approved active protocol. Person who needs to conduct experiment, his/her name must be mentioned in IAEC approved active protocol.

  • How to get protocol approved from IAEC?

    IAEC meets at least biannually (Jun/Jul, Dec/Jan) and depending on need. There will be a circular by email and protocol needs to be submitted 3 weeks in advance to Member Secretary and Veterinary review, if required. Principal Investigator needs to present protocol to IAEC in standard format of PPT. >>Link of PPT format>>

  • What are Form B and Form D?

    Form B is a standard format of CPCSEA in which protocol needs to be submitted for IAEC approval. Form D is a standard format of CPCSEA in which animal use details needs to be filled by Principal Investigators.


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