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Healthy Liver Healthy Delhi

Healthy Liver Healthy Delhi

  • An Awareness Project initiated by ILBS in collaboration with Mylan Laboratories India.
  • Kick started by Mr Satendra Jain (Health Minster, Delhi) on 20th Hepatitis Day at the Institute of Liver & Biliary Sciences.
  • Mobile Van Equipped with State of Art Fibroscan Machine.
  • Test conducted-Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, Total cholesterol, ALT, Fibroscan and BMI.


Comprehensive liver disease awareness and screening programme.

  • Furtherance of Institute's commitment of increasing the public awareness on liver diseases and creating public access to quality screening and testing facility.
  • Contain the spread of liver diseases in Delhi through a replicable and scalable model based on mass sensitization, awareness and Screening.
  • Screening of 10000 + residents of Delhi for Liver Disorders almost completed.
  Number of Camps Number of Patients Lab tests Fibroscan
Total 101 10060 10060 5382
Prevalence of Hepatitis
  S No No. of patients Screened No. of Positive patients Prevalence
  Hepatitis B 10060 100 0.99%
  Hepatitis C 10060 50 0.49%
Prevalence of Liver Disease Markers
  S No No. of patients Screened Elevated Prevalence
  ALT 10060 1990 19.78%
  Cholestrol 10060 2439 24.24%

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