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Li Hab

Li Hab

This year, on World Liver Day, April 19, ILBS unveiled the unique concept of 'Liver Habilitation'. 'Li-Hab' Centre - a habilitation facility for all the patients with liver condition. This initiative is taken todeal with the fundamental problems of Malnutrition, Sarcopenia and Frailty in this particular group of patients. Li-Hab Centre aims at providing an individualized nutritional advice along with supervised exercise regimens prescribed to the patients after a thorough clinical screening, physiological competence evaluation, and a detailed nutritional & functional assessment, thus, striving for healthier and independent lives for our patients. Li-Hab Centre plans to engage in research programs to develop objective measures for addressing Sarcopenia and Frailty.

Li-Hab team comprises of Hepatologist, Cardiologist, Medical Officer, Clinical Nutritionist and Physiotherapist.

Li-Hab:Numbers and Trends: In its nascent seven months, around four hundred fifty patients were registered at Li-Hab Centre.

Of these 60 patients enrolled for on-site supervised exercise programs of varying duration while others opted for pursuing home based exercise program. Initial trends are indicative of improvements in muscle health, fatigue, quality of life, nutritional awareness, and have been without adverse events.

Li Hab

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