Faculty / Sr Lectures

Faculty / SR Lectures

Name of the Faculty/SR Presentation Name Date Presentation Video
Dr. Mousumi Paul Clinical Utility of quantitation of CMV DNA in intestinal biopsy in patients with inflammatory bowel disease 2.2.2017 apply
Dr. Pradheer Gupta Platelets as an extrahepatic reservoir of HCV RNA : An interim study 2.2.2017 apply
Dr. Jaswinder Singh Maras Metabolomics in Liver Diseases 30.1.2017 apply
Dr. Sukriti Extracellular Veiscles in Liver Diseases : Small Particles with Big Impact 23.1.2017 apply
Dr. Neha Nigam EUS Guided Cytopathology of Pancreatic Solid and Cystic Leisions 19.1.2017 apply
Dr. Kapil Jamwal Novel Endoscopy Procedures 16.1.2017 apply
Dr. Imtiaz Partial internal biliary diversion in PFIC and Alagilled syndrome 12.1.2017 apply
Dr. Yashwant Patidhar TIPS, Indications,Techniques and Complications 12.12.2016 apply
Dr. Nanda Kumar K Assesing Fluid responsiveness in Critically ill; myth and mysteries 8.12.2016 apply
Dr. Suman Lata Hepatitis C in CKD - Challenges & Opportunities 5.12.2016 apply
Dr. Babu Lal Meena Ductal paucity in infants & older children - Spectrum, profile and outcome 1.12.2016 apply
Dr. Lovkesh Anand Role of Bone Marrow in Liver Regeneration - Mechanisms & Therapeutic Targets 28.11.2016 apply
Dr. Archana Rastogi Liver Tumour Patholgy - Current Scenario 21.11.2016 apply
Dr. Neha Nigam Case Presentation 17.11.2016 apply
Dr. Ayushi Case Presentation 17.11.2016 apply
Dr. Navneeta Misra Clinical Utility of Serum Tumour : Marker CA242 in Gallbladder Cancer 10.11.2016 apply
Dr. Shridhar Vasantrao Sasturkar Biliary Complications after Living Donor Liver Transplantation 7.11.2016 apply
Dr. Ankusha Yadav Case Presentation 3.11.2016 apply
Dr. Vandana Saluja End of Life Care in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) 24.10.2016 apply
Dr. Minhaz Interesting Cases in HPB Imaging 6.10.2016 apply
Moderator : Dr. Shalini Thapar Case Discussion Radiology 6.10.2016 apply
Dr. Nirupama Trehanpati Additional Professor, Department of Molecular and Cellular Medicine Role of Regulatory Cells inb Liver Transplantation 17.10.2016 apply
Dr. Vikas Hegde TPE in ALF/ACLF Patients 13.10.2016 apply
Dr. Amrish Sahney HyperAmmonamia in Cirrhosis 10.10.2016 apply
Dr. Meenu Bajpai Surveillance in Transfusion Medicine 3.10.2016 apply
Dr. Saphalta Baghmar Management of NET 26.09.2016 apply
Dr. Saurabh Singh Critical illness polyneuropathy in ICU Patients : Difficult to WEAN 15.09.2016 apply
Dr. Ekta Gupta Hepatitis B variants and their clinical significance 19.09.2016 apply
Dr. Shalini Thapar Imaging of Inflammatory bowel disease 12.9.2016 apply
Dr. Rajeev Khanna Hepatitis B in Children : Natural History and Management 5.09.2016 apply
Dr. Naveen Yadav Mechanical Ventilation in ARDS Patients 22.08.2016 apply
Dr. Rommel Incidental Carcinoa Gall Bladder 18.08.2016 apply
Dr. Nikhil Laproscopic cholecystectomy Difficulty to Safety 01.08.2016 apply
Dr Asit Arora Associate Professor HPB Surgery Xanthogranulomatous Cholecystitis-catching the culprit 04.07.2016 apply
Dr. Ashok Chaudhary   Immune Dysfunction in Cirrhosis-Mechanisms & Therapeutic drug Targets 27.06.2016 apply
Dr Arti Pawaria SR, Pediatric Hepatology Congenital Hepatic Fibrosis 23.06.2016 apply
Dr. Manish Tondon   Management of Peri-operative Heart Failure 20.06.2016 apply
Dr Kalpana Bansal Dept. of Radiology Neurological Spectrum in Acute and Chronic Liver Disease 13.06.2016 apply
Dr Shahnawaz Bashir Senior Resident Interventional Radiology   Visceral arterial/Pseudo-Aneurysmal Bleed 09.06.2016 apply
Dr Kishore HPB Surgery   Laproscopic cholecystectomy Difficulty to Safety 23.05.2016 apply
Dr Ayushi Dr Kanika   Morphological Variants of HCC Case Presentation Case Presentation 21.07.2016 apply


Dr Hemant Kumar   Porto Pulmonary Hypertension 18.07.2016 apply
Dr Nihar   Unexpected Benign Disease after Ripple Surgery 16.06.2016 apply
Dr Sherin Sarah Thomas   Diagnostic Role of Total Bile Acids in Hepatobiliary Diseases 6.06.2016 apply
Dr Kelika Prakash   Perioperatives Kinetic of cfNA in Donor Hepatectomy 02.06.2016 apply
Dr Vikas Jain Associate Professor - Renal Transplant Practice Guidelines for Recipient Evalauation for Renal Transplant 30.05.2016 apply
Dr Sachin Chaudhari PDCC SR (Pathology) Hepatic amyloidosis. 19.05.2016 apply
Dr Kanika PDCC SR(Pathology) Case Presentation. 19.05.2016 apply
Dr Prashant Mohan Agarwal Assistant Professor Critical Care Medicine Difficult weaning after prolonged ventilation. 17.05.2016 apply
Dr Navneeta Dept of Biochemistry Neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin(NGAL) as biomaker of acute kidney injury : laboratory characteristics and clinical evidence. 12.05.2016 apply
Dr Manish C Choudhary Dept of Virology HCV resistance to DAAs   05.05.2016 apply
Dr. Vijeta Bajpai Clinical relevance if isolated anti-HBc as a predictive marker for occult Hepatitis B virus infection   05.05.2016 apply
Dr. Lovkesh Anand Nutrition in Critically Ill Cirrhotics   02.05.2016 apply
Dr. Chaggan Bihari Pathology of AIH   25.04.2016 apply
Senior Resident - HPB Surgery Chronic Pancreatitis : Surgical Point of View   21.04.2016 apply
Dr. Amar Mukund PTBD for Benign and Malignant causes in simple and complex situation   14.04.2016 apply
Dr. Shridhar Sasturkar Liver Transplantation for Hepatocellular Carcinoma : Current Update   11.04.2016 apply
Dr. Sukanta Das Structural and Functional Alteration of albumin in Alcoholic Liver Diseases   07.04.2016 apply
Dr. Vijay Kant Pandey Fluid management in Intensive care unit : Diuresis, Diuretic and Hemofiltration   04.04.2016 apply
Dr. Binit Sureka Pancreatic Cystic Lesions   28.03.2016 apply
Dr. Anupam Kumar Haemotopoisis in the cross road of Liver Development and Regeneration   21.03.2016 apply
Dr. Priyanka CT and MRI Imaging of Liver metastases   17.03.2016 apply
Dr. Seema Alam Professor Pediatric Hepatology Development of Liver and Biliary System   14.03.2016 apply
Dr. V Rajan Feed intolerance in critical illness   10.03.2016 apply
Dr. Amrish Sahney GUT-LIVER-BRAIN Axis in Cirrhosis   07.03.2016 apply
Dr. Rommel Biliary Cystadenoma   03.03.2016 apply
Dr. Piyush Kumar Sinha Assistant Professor Liver Transplant Surgery Machine Perfusion of Liver Graft   29.02.2016 apply
Dr. Puja Sahai Radiation therapy in the treatment of cholengiocarcinoma   22.02.2016 photo
Dr. Sridhar P Renal transplant & Urology Visible Hematuria with Invisible Pathology   17.02.2016 apply
Dr. Deepak Prakash Bhirud Renal transplant & Urology Adult's Wilm Tumour Renal transplant & Urology 17.02.2016 apply
Dr. Ashish Sharma Renal transplant & Urology Carcinoma Penis Renal transplant & Urology 17.02.2016 apply
Dr. Sunaina Tejpal Karna Optimizing Perioperative Hemodynamics Assistant Professor Anaesthesia 15.02.2016 apply
Dr.Ankur Jindal Assistant Professor Hepatology Management of Hepatitis B, current & Future Therapies 08.02.2016 apply
Dr.Vikash Prakash Departmental Presentation - Hepatology 04.02.2016 apply
Dr Subhrajit Biswas Arts of cell Death 01.02.2016 apply
Dr.Rakhi Maiwall Associate Professor Hepatology Acute Kidney Injury in ACLF 25.01.2016 photo
Dr.Bikrant Bihari Lal Infantile Cholestasis with Cyst at Porta A Diagnostic Dilemma 21.01.2016 apply
Dr. Nikhil Agrawal Laproscopic Liver resection current status 18.01.2016 apply
Dr. Rommel Hepaticojejunostomy Stricture 07.01.2016 apply
Dr. Saphalta Bhagmar Assistant Professor Oncology Management of Periampullary Carcinoma 04.01.2016 apply
Dr. Archana Rastogi Additional Professor Pathology Late Acute Rejection after Liver Transplantation 28.12.2015 apply
Dr. Navneeta Mishra Senior Resident Biochemistry New BioMarkers for Hepato Cellular Carcinoma 24.12.2015 apply
Dr. Jessica Zucman-Rossi Genomic Approach to Liver tumours 20.12.2015 apply
Dr Karthik Ponnappan Senior Resident Anesthesiology     Case Presentation 17.12.2015 apply
Dr. Amitesh Tripathi     Case Presentation - Department of Nephrology 17.12.2015 apply
Dr. Shvetank     System Level Analysis of Liver Diseases 14.12.2015 apply
Dr. Alok K. Udiya Senior Resident (PDCC)     Transplant Renal Artery Stenosis(Tras)   10.12.2015 apply
Dr. Senthil Kumar Associate Professor Hepatology ALF Role of LT 7.12.2015 apply
Dr.Vikash Prakash Senior Resident Hepatology Departmental Presentation of Hepatology 3.12.2015 apply
Dr. Ashok Chaudhary Assistant Professor Hepatology Management of Cerebral Edema in Acute Liver Failure 30.11.2015 apply
Dr. Lalita Gauri Mitra Associate Professor Anaesthesia & Critical Care Acute Liver Failure - Evidence based Management 23.11.2015 apply
Dr. Nihar Mohapatra GVHD after LDLT 12.11.2015 apply
Dr. Manish Tandon Associate Professor Anaesthesia & Critical Care Renal Failure after Liver Transplant : What really matters 09.11.2015 apply
Dr. Pragya Ranjan Sr. Resident PDCC Hepatovirology Comparative analysis of four assays of HCV RNA quantitation 05.11.2015 apply
Dr. Seema Alam Professor Pediatric Hepatology Pediatric ACLF : Is it similar to Adult ACLF? 03.11.2015 apply
Dr. Viniyendra Pamecha Additional Professor Liver Transplant Surgery Selection and Outcome of the Potential Live Liver Donor 26.10.2015 apply
Dr. K Jelen Singh Associate Professor Cardiology Cardiovascular Interventions as a bridge to Liver Transplantation 19.10.2015 apply
Dr. Prachi Bansal Sr. Resident PDCC Critical Care Medicine Massive Blood Transfusion 15.10.2015 apply
Dr. Vikas Jain Associate Professor Renal Transplant Practice Guidelines for Donor Evaluation for Renal Transplant 12.10.2015 apply
Dr. Komal Agarwal Sr. Resident PDCC Hepatopathology Case Presentation - Pathology 08.10.2015 apply
Dr. Natasha Gulati Sr. Resident PDCC Hepatopathology Case Presentation - Pathology 08.10.2015 apply
Dr. Gayatri Ramakrishna Associate Professor Research Self Eating(Autopahgy) in cellular renovation and pathophysiology 05.10.2015 apply
Dr. Ashish Maheshwari Sr. Resident Blood Banking and Immunohaematology Haemovigilance at ILBS 01.10.2015 apply
Dr. Kalpana Bansal Assistant Professor Radiology/ Interventional Radiology Thoraic Manifestations in Chronic Liver Disease : Radiological Perspective 28.09.2015 apply
Dr. Meenu Bajpai Associate Professor Transfusion Medicine Autoimmune Hemolytic Anaemia : A Transfusion Medicine Perspective 21.09.2015 apply
Dr. Deepak Sr. Resident Renal Transplant Living Donor kidney Transplantation with Multiple Arteries 17.09.2015 apply
Dr. Shridhar P Surgical Hepatology Kidney Donation after Cardiac Death 17.09.2015 apply
Dr. Kishore GSB Associate Professor Liver Transplant Surgery Liver Transplantation for Wilson's Disease 14.09.2015 apply
Dr. Bikrant Bihari Lal Sr. Resident DM Pediatric Hepatology Phenotypic spectrum of liver involvement in infants with mitochondriopathy 10.09.2015 apply
Dr. P P Varma Sr. Consultant Nephrology Contrast Induced Nephropathy (CIN) 07.09.2015 apply
Dr. Neha Rathore Sr. Resident Microbiology Preanalytical Optimization of Blood Cultures 03.09.2015 apply
Dr. Yashwant Patidar Associate Professor Radiology/Interventional Radiology Transarterial Chemoembolization-Tace 16.11.2015 apply
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