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International Training

International Training

ILBS-WGO (World Gastroenterology Organization)

ILBS offers training in gastrointestinal and liver disorders in association with World Gastroenterology Organization

World Gastroenterology Organization role is to promote public awareness of gastrointestinal and liver disorders worldwide and provide the highest standards in education /training in gastroenterology and hepatology throughout the world. WGO also create an educational network readily accessible and relevant to gastroenterologists and hepatologists in low and middle income settings to support their local professional development. WGO provides stipend/Fellowship from one month upto twelve month for ILBS trainings.


APASL (Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver) is one of the leading associations based on investigation and treatment of liver diseases in the world and the largest scientific body that upholds the standards and profession, research and create improved treatment methods for millions of liver patients particularly in the entire Asia Pacific Region. APASL’s main objectives are to promote the latest scientific advancement and education of hepatology science, exchange of information and the development of consensus, encourage the practice of medicine in liver diseases and also coordinate scientific studies between various scientists and clinicians throughout the region.

Under WGO and APASL

Under WGO and APASL, ILBS provide observership and hands on training for the students from different country. This will provide the exposure of evidence-based clinical research / practice of international standard.


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