The only centre under GNCTD performing Liver and Kidney transplants.


A unique blend
ILBS is recognised across the country as a leader in the field of Liver and Biliary Diseases. It is also a deemed university with a strong focus on academics, teaching, training and research. It combines the cutting edge treatment advantage of universities and medical colleges with the sophistication and efficiency of a corporate hospital. Well appointed rooms and patient care facilities complement the selfless and patient friendly treatment approach of our highly qualified and dedicated team of doctors.

Strong focus on ethics

Our treatment protocols are motivated by a spirit of service to humanity, and the patients and their well being occupy center stage here. Hundreds of patients belonging to Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) of society are treated free of cost in our hospital every year. The entire cost of their treatment is borne by the institute – often running into millions of rupees every year. Even costly treatments like transplants are offered free of cost to needy patients here!

State of art infrastructure

From remote controlled beds to the latest diagnostic equipments – ILBS has it all. Our operation theatres, Intensive care units and imaging and diagnostic departments compare to the best in the world. Sophisticated and latest technology is deployed at every level to deliver patient care at par with the world’s most advanced facilities. And all this is available at a fraction of the cost it takes to get similar treatment elsewhere.

Highly qualified manpower

From doctors to nurses, technicians to housekeepers – the staff at ILBS are handpicked from all over the country with a view to choose only the best of the best. Highly qualified doctors are chosen after many rounds of selections and interviews to ensure that none but the best make it to the institute. Even after joining the institute, they are encouraged to continue learning and improving their skills. The institute sponsors continuing education, conferences and seminars and outstation visits of willing faculty members towards this end. Continuous training of nursing staff ensures that they stay updated with the latest in the world of medicine.

Obsession with quality
Despite it being a government hospital, many patrons are surprised with the look and feel of ILBS. Our focus on quality and hygiene is obsessive. A strong quality improvement programs ensures that we keep updating ourselves on what is required. Our infection control nurses ensure that the patients and staff are protected from HAIs – hospital acquired infections. Key quality indicators are regularly monitored across departments – which means that any unwanted practices are quickly discovered and eliminated.

Looking to the future
ILBS is expanding. In our effort to make this unique center available to more and more people who need it, we are adding more beds and facilities to our existing setup. Our aim is to occupy pride of place amongst the most reputed medical centers in the country.

At ILBS, we leave no stone unturned to remain true to our vision – of being a centre of excellence in the field of Liver and Biliary Sciences!
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