The only centre under GNCTD performing Liver and Kidney transplants.

Institutional Ethics Committee

Institutional Review Board (Institutional Ethics Committee)

ILBS has a mandate to develop new diagnostic and treatment protocols in the specified field of Hepato-biliary sciences. Also, in keeping with the aim of providing cutting edge basic research, it is important to have an independent Institutional Ethics Committee (Institutional Review Board).The IRB is constituted as per the standard guidelines. It ensures that all patients, subjects, biological material recruited for clinical trials or research is conforming to the standard guidelines and best ethical standards.

The Composition of the Institutional Review Board of ILBS is as follows:

Prof. A K Agarwal, Ex-Dean, MAMC Chairman
Prof. Veena Malhotra,Sr. Consultant & HOD in Histopathology, BLK Super Specialty, New Delhi, India Member
Dr. T.K Chattopadhyay, ILBS, New Delhi, India Member
Dr. P.K Mishra, G B Pant Hospital, New Delhi, India Member
Dr. S. C. Tiwari, Sr. Consultant, Nephrology, ILBS Member
Mrs. Shiv Rani, Sarvodaya Vidhyala, New Delhi Member
Mr. Sanjay Poddar, ILBS, New Delhi, India Member
Dr. Hanuman Prasad Yadav,, Professor & Head, Radiation Oncology, ILBS Member
Dr. Sanjeev Sachdeva, G B Pant Hospital, New Delhi, India Member
Prof. Y.K Gupta, Head, Pharmacology, AIIMS Member
Dr. Puja Sakhuja, G B Pant Hospital, New Delhi, India Member
Ms. Meera Sahney Member
Ms. Vibhuti Sharma Member
Mr. Harish Narula DIRECTOR / C.E.O of Lunar Biopharma Pvt Ltd. & Chairman-Bharat Shakti Spiritual, Cultural and Educational Society (Non Government Organisation) Member
Dr. Ekta Gupta, ILBS, New Delhi, India Member Secretary
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