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GI Bleed Unit

GI Bleed Unit

What is GI Bleed?

Gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding or GI hemorrhage describes every form of hemorrhage (loss of blood) in the GI tract, from the pharynx to the rectum, and reported by patient as presence of blood in vomiting or in stools. It has diverse causes ranging from liver diseases, ulcer diseases, tuberculosis, cancer etc. The degree of bleeding can range from nearly undetectable to acute, massive, life threatening bleeding.

What is the role of GI Bleed unit of ILBS?

The GI bleed unit of ILBS is the first of its kind in the whole country. The GI Bleed unit comprises a team of experts including gastroenterologists, hepatologists, GI surgeon, critical care specialist, anesthetists, radiologists, trained nurses, and technicians who work together to help patients with GI bleed in resuscitating them, stopping the bleeding, determining the cause of bleeding, and taking adequate measures in preventing further bleeds. Apart from the trained staff the GI bleed unit of ILBS is supported by highly advanced infrastructure comprising of state-of-the art GI Bleed intensive care unit (ICU), dedicated endoscopy suites, separate operation theatre, blood bank, and round the clock stat labs. The ambulances of ILBS also are equipped with necessary paraphernalia for stoppage of bleeding and saving patients life.

What are the services offered by the GI Bleed unit of ILBS?

  • Resuscitation of patients with GI bleeding
  • Highly advanced endoscopic, radiological and laboratory facilities to determine cause of bleeding (both acute bleeding and slow or occult bleeding)
  • Advanced techniques (medical, endoscopic, radiological, and surgical) to stop GI bleeding and prevention of further episodes of bleeding
  • Advanced techniques to measure and treat high liver pressure (hepatic venous pressure gradient, HVPG)

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