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Students Details – Academic Year 2015

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S. No. Name of the Course Name of Student Designation
1 PDCC in Pediatric Hepatology Dr. Aathira Ravindranath Sr. Resident
2 PDCC in Pediatric Hepatology Dr. Aditi Sr. Resident
3 DM Hepatology Dr. Ahninav Verma Sr. Resident
4 PDCC in HPB Interventional Radiology Dr. Alok Kumar Udiya Sr. Resident
5 DM (Hepatology) Dr. Anand V Kulkarni Sr. Resident
6 PDCC in Blood Banking & Immunohaematology Dr. Anjali  Sharma Sr. Resident
7 M.Ch. HPB Surgery Dr. Ankurkumar Kanjibhai Vagadiya Sr. Resident
8 PDCC in Pediatric Hepatology Dr. Anushree Chaturvedi Sr. Resident
9 DM (Paediatric Hepatology) Dr. Arti Sr. Resident
10 PDCC in Liver Transplant Anesthesia Dr. Arun Gopinath Sr. Resident
11 PDCC Blood Banking & Immunohaematology Dr. Ashish Maheshwari Sr. Resident
12 PDCC in Hepatopathology Dr. Bitan Naik Sr. Resident
13 PDCC in HPB Interventional Radiology Dr. Ganesh Deogaonkar Sr. Resident
14 M.Ch. HPB Surgery Dr. Imtiakum  Jamir Sr. Resident
15 DM Hepatology Dr. Juned Ahmad Sr. Resident
16 DM (Organ Transplant Anesthesia and Critical Care) Dr. Karthik Ponnappan T Sr. Resident
17 PDCC in Hepatopathology Dr. Komal Agrawal Sr. Resident
18 M.Ch. HPB Surgery Dr. Kumaraswamy.P Sr. Resident
19 PDCC HPB/GI Oncology Dr. Mayank Aggarwal Sr. Resident
20 PDCC in Hepatopathology Dr. Natasha Gulati Sr. Resident
21 PDCC in Critical Care Medicine (With Specialization In Liver Intensive Care) Dr. Prachi  Gupta Sr. Resident
22 PDCC in Hepato-Virology Dr. Pragya Ranjan Sr. Resident
23 PDCC in HPB Interventional Radiology Dr. Praveen Singhal Sr. Resident
24 PDCC Abdominal Imaging Dr. Priyanka  Vishwakarma Sr. Resident
25 PDCC Abdominal Imaging Dr. Saloni Desai Sr. Resident
26 DM Hepatology Dr. Shakti Prasad Choudhury Sr. Resident
27 PDCC Blood Banking & Immunohaematology Dr. Shruti Gupta Sr. Resident
28 PDCC Abdominal Imaging Dr. Vaibhav Singh Sr. Resident
29 PDCC in Liver Transplant Anaesthesia Dr. Vivekananthan P Sr. Resident
30 PDCC in HPB Interventional Radiology Dr.  Vinay Kumar  D P Sr. Resident
31 Certificate Course In Renal Replacement Therapy Dr. Amitesh  Tripathi Jr. Resident
32 Ph.D Biomedical Sciences Mr. Vivek  Singh JRF
33 Ph.D Biomedical Sciences Ms. Swati  Arora JRF
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