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Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (ILBS) is an autonomous super-specialty Institute of excellence under GNCT of Delhi and a Deemed-to-be-University by the GOI. Its vision is to be a global leader by becoming a beacon of patient care, teaching and research in the fields of Liver, Pancreatobiliary, Renal, Oncology and Organ Transplantation. All appointments shall be on “contract basis” and will initially be for a period of ‘four years’ and can be extended based on performance. In its search for the best talent, ILBS invites applications for the following posts:

S.No. Name of the Post Post Code No. of Posts/ Category Remuneration (pre-revised) 7th CPC applicable Age Limit Apply
(A) Applications invited for UR (UNRESERVED), EWS, SC, ST & OBC Posts (Incl. Backlog)
1 Professor (Anaesthesia) Fac/03/Anaes 1-UR PB-IV, GP-12000 66
2 Professor (Nephrology) Fac/03/Nephro 1-UR, 1-OBC PB-IV, GP-12000 66
3 Professor (Medical Oncology) Fac/03/Med. Onco 1-UR PB-IV, GP-12000 66
4 Additional Professor (Anaesthesia) Fac/04/Anaes 1-UR PB-IV, GP-10000 55
5 Additional Professor (Critical or Intensive Care Medicine) Fac/04/CR 1-UR PB-IV, GP-10000 55
6 Additional Professor (Surgical Hepatology) Fac/04/Surg. Hep. 1-UR PB-IV, GP-10000 55
7 Additional Professor (Liver Transplant Surgery) Fac/04/LTX. 1-UR PB-IV, GP-10000 55
8 Associate Professor (Interventional Radiology) Fac/05/Int. Radio 1-UR PB-IV, GP-9500 55
9 Associate Professor (Radiology) Fac/05/Radio 1-UR PB-IV, GP-9500 55
10 Associate Professor (Anaesthesia) Fac/05/Anaes 1-UR, 1-SC PB-IV, GP-9500 55
11 Associate Professor (Critical or Intensive care Medicine) Fac/05/CR 1-UR, 1-OBC PB-IV, GP-9500 55
12 Associate Professor (Medical Oncology) Fac/05/Med. Onco 1-UR PB-IV, GP-9500 55
13 Associate Professor (Urology/ Renal Transplant) Fac/05/RT 1-UR PB-IV, GP-9500 55
14 Associate Professor (Nephrology) Fac/05/Neph 1-UR, 1-OBC PB-IV, GP-9500 55
15 Associate Professor (Hepatology) Fac/05/Hep. 1-UR, 1-OBC PB-IV, GP-9500 55
16 Associate Professor (Liver Transplant Surgery) Fac/05/LTX 1-UR PB-IV, GP-9500 55
17 Associate Professor (Clinical Research/ Epidemiology) Fac/05/Cl. Research 1-UR PB-IV, GP-9500 55
18 Associate Professor (Clinical Hematology) Fac/05/Cl. Hemat 1-UR PB-IV, GP-9500 55
19 Assistant Professor (Radiology) Fac/06/Radio 1-UR PB-IV, GP-8700 50
20 Assistant Professor (Hepatology) Fac/06/Hep. 2-UR, 1-SC PB-IV, GP-8700 50
21 Assistant Professor (Transplant Hepatology) Fac/06/Trans Hep. 2-UR, 1-OBC PB-IV, GP-8700 50
22 Assistant Professor (Clinical Nutrition) Medical Fac/06/Cl. Nutrition (M) 1-UR PB-IV, GP-8700 50
23 Assistant Professor (Nephrology) Fac/06/Nephro 1-UR PB-IV, GP-8700 50
24 Assistant Professor (Medical Oncology) Fac/06/Med. Onco 1-UR PB-IV, GP-8700 50
25 Assistant Professor (Neurology) Fac/06/Neuro 1-UR PB-IV, GP-8700 50
26 Assistant Professor (Cardiology) Fac/06/Cardio 1-UR PB-IV, GP-8700 50
27 Assistant Professor (Anaesthesia) Fac/06/Anaes 1-UR, 1-OBC PB-IV, GP-8700 50
28 Assistant Professor (Clinical Hematology) Fac/06/Cl. Hemat 1-UR PB-IV, GP-8700 50
29 Consultant (Urology/ Renal Transplant) Grade I Cons/03/RT 1-UR PB-IV, GP-12000 66
30 Consultant (Urology/ Renal Transplant) Grade II Cons/04/RT 1-UR PB-IV, GP-10000 55
31 Consultant (Urology/ Renal Transplant) Grade IV Cons/06/RT 1-UR, 1-OBC PB-IV, GP-8700 50
32 Consultant (Nephrology) Grade IV Cons/06/Neph 1-UR, 1-OBC PB-IV, GP-8700 50
33 Consultant (Radiology) Grade III Cons/05/Radio 1-UR PB-IV, GP-9500 55
34 Consultant (Radiology) Grade IV Cons/06/Radio 1-UR, 1-OBC PB-IV, GP-8700 50
35 Consultant (Cardiology) Grade II Cons/04/Cardio 1-UR PB-IV, GP-10000 55
36 Consultant (Cardiology) Grade IV Cons/06/Cardio 1-UR PB-IV, GP-8700 50
37 Consultant (Critical or Intensive Care Medicine) Grade I Cons/03/CR 1-UR PB-IV, GP-12000 66
38 Consultant (Critical or Intensive Care Medicine) Grade II Cons/04/CR 1-UR, 1-OBC PB-IV, GP-10000 55
39 Consultant (Anaesthesia) Grade II Cons/04/Anaes 1-UR PB-IV, GP-10000 55
40 Consultant (Anaesthesia) Grade III Cons/05/Anaes 1-UR, 1-OBC PB-IV, GP-9500 55
41 Sr. Resident (Hepatology) SR/08 1-UR, 1-SC,1-EWS,1-ST PB-III, GP-6600 45
42 Sr. Resident (Medical Oncology) SR/08 1-UR PB-III, GP-6600 45
43 Sr. Resident (Psychiatry) SR/08 1-UR PB-III, GP-6600 45
44 Sr. Resident (Radiation Oncology) SR/08 1-UR, PB-III, GP-6600 45
45 Sr. Resident (Cardiology) SR/08 1-OBC PB-III, GP-6600 45
46 Sr. Resident (Neurology) SR/08 1-OBC PB-III, GP-6600 45
47 Sr. Resident (Biochemistry) SR/08 1-UR, PB-III, GP-6600 45
48 Sr. Resident (Microbiology) SR/08 1-OBC PB-III, GP-6600 45
49 Sr. Clinical Trial Co-ordinator/Senior Epidemiologist/Public Health Specialist Sr.CT Co-ord/1 1-UR PB-III, GP-6600 50
50 Resident Medical Officer RMO/01 4-UR, 2-OBC, 1-SC, 1-EWS PB-III, GP-5400 45
51 Head Operations (Medical) NM/01/Med 1-UR PB-IV, GP-10000 65
52 Manager (Nursing) Nurs/02 1-UR PB-III, GP-6600 50
53 Manager (Purchase) NM/02/Pur 1-UR PB-III, GP-7600 55
54 Manager (Store) NM/02/Store 1-UR PB-III, GP-7600 55
55 Deputy Manager (Purchase) NM/03/Pur 1-UR PB-III, GP-6600 55
56 Deputy Manager (Hospitality) NM/03/Hosp 1-UR PB-III, GP-6600 45
57 Senior Technical Executive (Nuclear Medicine) or RSO for High Dose Therapy PM/03/Nuc. Med 1-UR PB-II, GP-4600 50
58 Senior Executive (Purchase) NM/05/Pur 1-UR, 1-OBC PB-II, GP-4600 45
59 Senior Executive (Academics) NM/05/Acad 1-UR PB-II, GP-4600 45
60 Senior Executive (Store) NM/05/store 1-UR PB-II, GP-4600 45
61 Personal Secretary NM/02/PS 1-UR PB-II, GP-4600 55
62 Junior Engineer (Electrical & AC) NM/07/Engineer 1-UR PB-II, GP-4600 45
63 Junior Engineer (Mechanical) NM/07/Mechanical 1-UR PB-II, GP-4600 45
64 Senior Nutritionist NM/02/Nut 1-UR PB-II, GP-4600 40
65 Technical Executive (Radiology) NM/04/Radio 1-UR, 1-OBC PB-II, GP-4200 50
66 Senior Pharmacist NM/04/Pharma 1-UR PB-II, GP-4200 35
67 Junior Pharmacist NM/05/Pharma 2-UR PB-I, GP-2800 30
68 Transplant Coordinator NM/08/Trans. Coord 1-UR, 1-OBC PB-II, GP-5400 50
69 Nurse Nurs/08 13-UR, 31*- OBC, 15*-SC, 4*- ST, 11-EWS * backlog PB-II, GP- 4600 35
70 Junior Technical Executive (Lab & Blood Bank) PM/05/Lab & BB 1-UR, 1-OBC PB-I, GP-2800 30
71 Executive Nurse Nurse/09/Exec Nurse 39*-OBC PB-I, GP- 2400 30
72 Junior Executive Nurse Nurse/10/Exec Nurse 5*-OBC Rs. 28,404/- consolidated 30
73 Assistant Professor (Surgical Hepatology) – PH Fac/06/Surg. Hep 1*-OH PB-IV, GP-8700 50
74 Senior Resident (Radiology) – PH SR/08 1*-OH PB-III, GP-6600 45
75 Senior Resident (Hepatology) – PH SR/08 1*-OH PB-III, GP-6600 45
76 Senior Resident (Nephrology) – PH SR/08 1*-OH PB-III, GP-6600 45
77 Junior Resident – PH JR/09 2*-OH PB-II, GP-5400 40
78 Resident Medical Officer – PH RMO/01 1*-OH PB-III, GP-5400 45
79 Assistant Manager Nurse – PH Nurs/06 1*-OH PB-III, GP-5400 45
80 Nurse – PH Nurs/08 1*-OH PB-II, GP- 4600 35
81 Junior Nurse – PH Nurs/08 2*-OH PB-II, GP- 4200 33
82 Executive Nurse –PH Nurse/09/Exec Nurse 2*-OH PB-I, GP- 2400 30
83 Junior Executive Nurse – PH Nurse/10/Exec Nurse 3*-OH Rs. 28,404/- consolidated 30
Click here for Recruitment Rules   General Instructions

Abbreviations:-UR-Unreserved, SC/ST- Scheduled Caste/Tribe, OBC – Other Backward Class, PH/OH- Physically Handicapped/ Orthopaedically Handicapped, EWS – Economically Weaker Sections.
Reservation for SC/ST/OBC, EWS & Persons with disabilities/Ex-Servicemen/ Disabled Ex-Servicemen as per Govt. Guidelines.
Last date is 30th October 2021. For application forms and further details, please visit our website:

The pay packages for each post are based as per 7th CPC at pay level applicable for the Institute except for the posts of Jr. Executive Nurse. Transport Allowance, Children Education Allowance and other additional allowances are admissible as per the policy of the Institute.

It is mandatory to apply online and upload all the relevant documents/certificates. A Registration number will be generated on completion of online application. However, in case, the candidates experience any difficulty in uploading/attaching the scanned documents while applying online, may send it as attachment through email to mentioning the registration number of the application and the post applied for (mandatory). For any other information, candidates may email us at hr@ilbs.inor contact at 011-46300000, Extn – 23233, 23234.

General Instruction

  1. All appointments except Residents shall be on “contract basis” and will be initially for a period of ‘four years’ including a probation period of one year. The contractual appointment may be extended further based on satisfactory performance of the candidate during the initial period of four years for which a performance review will be carried out by the Institute as per the guidelines of the Institute.
  2. Only candidates of Indian origin are eligible to apply for any Faculty and Non Faculty posts
  3. All the posts(s) are contractual and based on Pay level in the Pay Matrix as per 7th CPC except for the post of Resident Hospital Administrator and Jr. Executive Nurse posts at the Institute.
  4.  The candidate must satisfy himself of the eligibility conditions as per the recruitment rules before applying. The recruitment rules are uploaded under the Career Opportunities. The candidates are advised to ascertain their eligibility before applying for the post. The above vacancies are subject to change and the Institute reserves the right whether or not to fill up any post. No appeal will be entertained or accepted. It would not be obligatory on the part of the Institute to call every candidate for Interview/Written test/Skill test even if he possesses the essential qualification and no representation in this regard will be entertained from any candidate.
  5. Age relaxation  :-
    1. Upper age limit is relaxable by 5 years for SC/ST candidates
    2. Upper age limit is relaxable by 3 years for OBC candidates.
      For the post reserved for OBC category, the application of those candidates will be considered who have OBC certificate issued by GNCT of Delhi.  In respect of persons with disabilities upper age limit is relaxable by 5 years (10 years for SC/ST and 8 years for OBC) subject to the condition that no age relaxation can be allowed beyond the age of 60 years under normal circumstances except for faculty positions.
  6. For availing the benefits of Other Back ward Classes, the candidates are required to produce the OBC non-creamy layer certificate of Delhi State for availing the benefit. For SC/ST, the candidates are required to produce SC/ST certificate.
  7. The candidates applying under EWS category must attach the Income and Asset Certification in the prescribed format as per Annexure I issued by any one of the Authorities as notified by the Government of India. Copy of the annexure is in given link  EWS
  8. The employee who has worked for more than three years continuously in this Institute shall be eligible for relaxation of age while applying for various posts in this Institute. However, the maximum limit of relaxation will be five years.
  9. The candidates with the disabilities as mentioned against each post can apply for the post as per the definition given in the Persons with Disabilities (equal opportunities, protection of rights and full participation) Act, 1995.
  10. Persons suffering from not less than 40% of the relevant disability shall alone be eligible for the benefit of reservation as PH.
  11. All candidates have to apply online. Separate application has to be applied on line for each post. Application fees is Rs. 590/- (Rs. 500/- +18% GST) and Rs. 118/- in case of SC/ ST,EWS and Ex-Serviceman candidates (non refundable).
  12. Applicants can make payment online using Credit Card or Net Banking facility. Application fees once deposited/submitted cannot be refunded. No application fee for persons with disabilities. For Recruitment Rules and other details visit our website  The effective date for reckoning the requisite qualification and experience and the upper age limit will be 30th October, 2021.
  13. The Institute reserves the right to offer the post at the level lower than the advertised post, depending upon the qualification, experience and performance of the candidate in the interview.
  14. The Institute reserves the right to draw panel(s) (reserve) against the possible vacancies in future.
  15. The Institute reserves the right not to fill up the advertised post if the candidates are not found suitable for the post.
  16. The Institute reserves the right to issue offer letter to the selected candidate as per the requirement of the Institute. The selected candidate or on panel may be called for review interview after six months of selection.
  17. In case of any inadvertent mistake which may be detected at any stage even after the issue of letter of appointment, the Institute reserves the right to modify/ withdraw/ cancel any communication made to the candidate.
  18. All applications received will be screened by the Screening Committee of experts as per the Recruitment Rule of each post. The shortlisted candidates will be informed about the date and time of the interview/ written test/ Skill test. Candidates are expected to present themselves in the Institute for written test and / or skill test and /or interview and in case of candidates getting shortlisted after the written test and / or Skill test / and / or interview, he/ she shall appear before experts Selection Committee for the interview. No intimation shall be sent to the candidates who are not shortlisted. Institute shall not be responsible for any delay/ non recipient of communication due to lapse on part of Indian post and telegraph department
  19. The Institute also reserves the right to restrict the number of candidates for written test/skill test/Interview to a reasonable limit on the basis of qualification and experience higher than the minimum prescribed in the advertisement & other academic achievements.
  20. The Institute also reserves the right of rejecting any or all the applications without assigning any reasons thereof.
  21. In the case of exceptionally deserving candidates, the Institute reserves the right of granting relaxation in experience or age.
  22. The summoning of a candidate for written test/skill test/interview merely indicates that he/she with others may be possessing suitable qualification for the post and conveys no assurance whatsoever that he/ she will be recommended or selected for the post.
  23. Applications forms incomplete in any way or not having required educational/experience certificates and latest photo affixed will be rejected without intimation. The date of joining of selected candidates and other conditions will be as per the HR policy of the Institute.
  24. No correspondence whatsoever will be entertained from candidates regarding postal delay, conduct and result of test  and reasons for not being called for test/interview..
  25. Working knowledge of Computer is essential for all the posts.
  26. The candidates appearing for the written test/skill test/interview should bear the cost of traveling and stay under their own arrangement and no reimbursements will be allowed under any circumstances. The candidates must check their eligibility both in terms of age, qualification and experience from the website of the Institute before applying.
  27. It is mandatory for the candidates selected for Faculty/ Resident to be in possession of DMC registration before joining the Institute.
  28. Equivalence of qualification of DNB (broad specialties) with MD/MS & DNB (super-specialities) with DM/M.Ch  • Those candidates who have undergone DNB training in an institution which now run MCI recognized postgraduate degree courses in a given subject, their DNB qualifications shall be considered at par with MCI recognized qualification that subject only. • Those candidates who have undergone DNB training in a multi speciality teaching hospital with at least 500 beds, involved in various postgraduate / superspeciality teaching programmes provided that the one out of three DNB supervisors (teachers) qualify as postgraduate teacher as per MCI norms in their previous appointment, and one out of remaining two should qualify as postgraduate teacher as per MCI regulations with the following bed requirement for teaching unit:
        •Postgraduate broad specialities 30 beds per unit  (50 beds should be teaching beds)
        •Postgraduate superspecialities 20 beds per unit 
    Such qualifications shall be considered at par with MCI recognized qualification.
  29.  As per MCI guidelines, Additional training of one year for equivalence of qualification of DNB (Broad specialties) with MD/MS & DNB (super-specialities) with DM/ Mch.
    Those candidates who have undergone DNB training (both broad specialties and super specialties) in hospital/ Institution other than mentioned in (ii) above, shall undergo one additional year of senior residency or equivalent training or research job in a MCI recognized hospital/ Institution, such qualification are notified in the Post Graduate Medical Education regulation 2000.
  30. It is mandatory for the candidates selected for Nursing Post to be in possession of DNC registration before joining the Institute.
  31. Reference check, Medical Checkup and Character Verification/ background check/Educational and experience certificates check would be carried out of the selected candidate as per the HR Policy of the Institute. In case of non production of documents or in the event of any information/ particular/ certificate provided is found to be false or incorrect or ineligibility being detected, the selection of the candidate would be null and void at any stage of selection process or even after joining the Institute.
  32. Before applying online, the candidate must have a scanned copy of a self signed passport size photograph and his/her signature. Size of the scanned photograph should be between 50 KB to 150 KB and signature should be between 10 KB to 20KB. The scanned photograph and signature must be .jpg, .gif or .png format.
  33. The candidate must have scanned documents of 1) DOB certificate, 2) Minimum Essential Educational Qualification, 3) Work Experience Certificate 4) Category Certificate if (SC,ST,OBC-Delhi) 5) Physically Disabled Certificate (if Disability is more than 40%) for uploading along with Application Form. Size of all the scanned documents to be uploaded should be between (100KB – 500 KB)
  34. The candidates are required to apply through ONLINE only. The ONLINE option will remain open from 30-09-2021 to 30-10-2021. For submission of application through ONLINE mode, please visit institute website
  35. The print out completed application along with the all relevant supporting documents duly attested should be taken out by the candidates and kept ready for the Selection process.
  36. Preference will be given to ‘Persons with Disabilities”, even where the reservation is not marked and suitable PWD’s applicants are available.
  37. Persons employed in Government Departments/ Autonomous Bodies/ Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) must send their application “Through Proper Channel” or “No Objection Certificate” (NOC) to be brought at the time of Skill test/ Interview.
  38. The Institute reserves the right to fill or not fill any or all of the posts advertised.
  39. The prescribed essential qualification and experience indicated are bare minimum, and merely fulfilling the requirements laid down in the advertisement will not automatically entitle any candidate to be called for written Test and/ or Skill test/ interview. Where number of applications received in response to an advertisement is large, it may not be convenient and/ or possible for the Institute to conduct written test and/ or skill test/ interview for all the applicants. In such cases, the Institute may restrict the number of applicants to be called for written test and/ or Skill test/interview to a reasonable limit, on the basis of qualifications and experience higher than that of the minimum prescribed in the advertisement. Therefore, the applicants should furnish details of all the qualifications and experience possessed in the relevant field of the application form along with the documentary evidences.
  40. Details filled by the candidate in the online application form must be correct and supported by relevant documents. In case, the information is found to be incorrect or false before, during or after the written test/Skill test/interview/joining, the candidature shall stand cancelled and all the claims of the recruitment of that candidate shall be forfeited.
  41. No correspondence will be entertained from the candidates regarding the eligibility, status of application, postal delays, conduct and result of written test/skill test/interview, etc.
  42. Jurisdiction of justice - In case of any Dispute the jurisdiction of court will be Delhi/ New Delhi only.


S. No. Name of Post Post Code
1. Professor (Anaesthesia) OL
2. Professor (Nephrology) OA, OL
3. Professor (Medical Oncology) OA, OL
5. Additional Professor (Anaesthesia) OL
6. Additional Professor (Critical or Intensive Care Medicine) OL
7. Additional Professor (Surgical Hepatology) # OL
8. Additional Professor (Liver Transplant Surgery) OL
9. Associate Professor (Interventional Radiology) OL
10. Associate Professor (Radiology) OL
11. Associate Professor (Anaesthesia) OL
12. Associate Professor (Critical or Intensive Care Medicine) OL
13. Associate Professor (Medical Oncology) OA, OL
14. Associate Professor (Urology/ Renal Transplant) OL
15. Associate Professor (Nephrology) OA,OL
16. Associate Professor (Hepatology) OA, OL
17. Associate Professor (Liver Transplant Surgery) OL
18. Associate Professor (Clinical Research/ Epidemiology) OA, OL
19. Associate Professor (Clinical Hematology) OA, OL
20. Assistant Professor (Radiology) OL
21. Assistant Professor (Hepatology) OA, OL
22. Assistant Professor (Transplant Hepatology) OL
23. Assistant Professor (Clinical Nutrition)  Medical OA, OL
24. Assistant Professor (Nephrology) OA, OL
25. Assistant Professor (Medical Oncology) OA, OL
26. Assistant Professor (Neurology) OA, OL
27. Assistant Professor (Cardiology) OA, OL
28. Assistant Professor (Anaesthesia) OL
29. Assistant Professor (Clinical Hematology) OL
30. Consultant (Renal Transplant) Grade I OL
31. Consultant (Renal Transplant) Grade II OL
32. Consultant (Renal Transplant) Grade IV OL
33. Consultant (Nephrology) Grade IV OA, OL
34. Consultant (Radiology) Grade III OL
35. Consultant (Radiology) Grade IV OL
36. Consultant (Cardiology) Grade II OA, OL
37. Consultant (Cardiology) Grade IV OA, OL
38. Consultant (Critical or Intensive care Medicine) Grade I OL
39. Consultant (Critical or Intensive care Medicine) Grade II OL
40. Consultant (Anaesthesia) Grade II OL
41. Consultant (Anaesthesia) Grade III OL
42. Sr. Resident (Hepatology) OA, OL
43. Sr. Resident (Medical Oncology) OA, OL
44. Sr. Resident (Psychiatry) OA, OL
45. Sr. Resident (Radiation Oncology) OA, OL
46. Sr. Resident (Cardiology) OA, OL
47. Sr. Resident (Neurology) OA, OL
48. Sr. Resident (Biochemistry) OA, OL
49. Sr. Resident (Microbiology) OA, OL
50. Sr. Clinical Trial Co-ordinator/Senior Epidemiologist/Public Health Specialist OA, OL
51. Resident Medical Officer OA, OL
52. Head Operations (Medical) OA, OL
53. Manager (Nursing) OL
54. Manager (Purchase) OA, OL
55. Manager (Store) OA, OL
56. Deputy Manager (Purchase) OA, OL
57. Deputy Manager (Hospitality) OA, OL
58. Senior Technical Executive (Nuclear Medicine) or RSO for High Dose Therapy OL
59. Senior Executive (Purchase) OA, OL
60. Senior Executive (Academics) OA, OL
61. Senior Executive (Store) OA, OL
62. Personal Secretary OA, OL
63. Junior Engineer (Electrical/ AC) OL
64. Junior Engineer (Mechanical) OL
65. Senior Nutritionist OA, OL
66. Technical Executive (Radiology) OL
67. Senior Pharmacist OA, OL
68. Junior Pharmacist OA, OL
69. Transplant Coordinator OA, OL
70. Nurse OL
71. Junior Technical Executive (Lab & Blood Bank) OL
72. Executive Nurse –PH OL
73. Junior Executive Nurse – PH OL
74. Assistant Professor (Surgical Hepatology) – PH OL
75. Senior Resident (Radiology) – PH OL
76. Senior Resident (Hepatology) – PH OA, OL
77. Senior Resident (Nephrology) – PH OA, OL
78. Junior Resident – PH OA, OL
79. Resident Medical Officer – PH OA, OL
80. Assistant Manager Nurse – PH OL
81. Nurse – PH OL
82. Junior Nurse – PH OL
83. Executive Nurse –PH OL
84. Junior Executive Nurse – PH OL

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